Are there millionaire pilots

“Who will be a millionaire?”: Pilot embarrasses himself when asked about 2000 euros

The quiz show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" has long been an institution on German television. Since 1999, the show with Günther Jauch on RTL has turned smart candidates into millionaires. But sometimes it turns out differently. Completely different. Like on Monday evening.

Every candidate who has ever sat on the chair of the show with Günter Jauch naturally dreams of winning the million. Of course, only very few can do that. In the more than 20 years of broadcasting, exactly 10 candidates made it in regular shows, three participants in anniversary shows, some with special rules. And three celebrities in special programs, but things are not so strict there, and help can sometimes be given.

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Candidate Björn Freitag did not have this luxury on Monday evening. The pilot from Bischofsheim made a real crash landing in the TV studio and failed because of the 2000 euro question. That doesn't happen every day either.

It all started well for the pilot. He prevailed against the other candidates and landed on Jauch's famous rate chair. The beginning was made. But then it happened very quickly. And back home. Freitag had just introduced himself: “I am a pilot and fly for a large German charter airline. I fly the Airbus 320 and A 321. The classic Mallorca plane, ”it was almost over for him.

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Until the 2000 euro question, everything went smoothly for him in front of his wife in the TV studio. But then the pilot suddenly smeared and caused horror in the German living rooms. The question that gave him a headache at first, and on which he crashed in the end, was actually harmless: "What is a verb?" The four possible answers:

  • yellow
  • tan
  • green
  • redden

Sounds doable. But Friday screwed up the supposedly simple question. And revealed a few embarrassing knowledge gaps. Maybe the nervousness was to blame. In any case, he immediately seemed unsettled: "A verb ... That's a Tu word, that's how I learned it at school", he summed up in the best "Matthias Mangiapane style".

But it got a lot worse. “Browns, browns, that should be it, right? If something has been in the oven for too long, it can be browned, ”speculated the overwhelmed candidate in the spotlight. He asked Jauch, but he didn't see it at all to help with a little tip at this profit level. So Friday decided: "Yes, that's solution B, brown!"

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A fatal decision. Moderator Jauch was dismayed at the dissolution, said: "Something is browning, I would say ... What is 'browning' supposed to mean? One knows 'tan', but what should 'brown' be? It is so green ... "- then suddenly it fell like scales from the eyes of the candidate:" No! Oh dear! ”But it was too late, the embarrassment had long been perfect:“ Now I almost said: What a crash! It is of course the verb green! For example with 'Oh Tannenbaum': It doesn't just grow green in summer ... Well, it was enough for 500 euros. "

The candidate was visibly shocked: “Somehow I was upset. That's stupid. Very annoying. I didn't expect that and now I have to face the consequences. "

Friday wasn't the first candidate to surprisingly fail in Jauch's chair, and he won't be the last to blackout in a quiz show TV studio. His faux pas will be forgotten by the next broadcast, but that won't comfort him either. Just as little as the 500 euros won.