In how many countries is McDonalds represented?

Number of employees:

Number of all MC Donalds branches worldwide:

The counters assume that 37,300 MC Donalds branches existed at the beginning of 2018, and 1,600 new ones are added annually. McDonalds plans to build these 1,600 new branches within a year, as well as to renovate 1,000 existing branches. Sales and number of employees are assumed to be this The number of visitors should roughly also represent the number of menus sold, assuming that every guest orders one on average.

Flow of visitors entering a McDonalds branch (750 per second):

Mc Donalds Corporation In the 1990s, McDonald’s grew by 2,000 branches annually, with sales almost doubling between 2000 and 2012 by around 13 billion dollars to 27.2 billion dollars! 2016 sales totaled 24.6 billion dollars That is 1.2 billion less than in the previous year. The third time that there was no increase in sales compared to the previous year. Every day around 68 million customers enter a McDonalds restaurant, which is an average of 750 per second.