Why are there bridesmaids

The custom and duties of the bridesmaids

A group of good-humored ladies in identical dresses, in their midst the most beautiful of them in white - that can only be the bride with her bridesmaids.

What we know above all from American films is back in trend with us: The wedding custom of bridesmaids.

Thanks to them, the bride can enjoy a wedding day that is as relaxed as possible, because they take care of everything and keep the lady of the day free.

The official Maid of honor holds the scepter among the bridesmaids. If the girls disagree, she makes the final decision in coordination with the bride.

We have divided this article into the following areas:

  1. What is a bridesmaid?
  2. Bridesmaid Chores: What Does a Bridesmaid Do?
  3. Tips for bridesmaid dresses
  4. Bridesmaid hairstyle ideas
  5. Floral accessories for the bridesmaids: bouquet or bracelet
  6. Beautiful bridesmaids gifts
  7. Adorable bridesmaids pictures
  8. Groomsmen - the male counterpart

1. What is a bridesmaid?

Originally, the bridesmaids were supposed to protect the bride from evil spirits at the wedding. They too wore similar clothes to distract and confuse the spirits from the bride.

Today, usually three to five best friends as bridesmaids are responsible for standing by the bride before and on the wedding day.

Ideally, the chosen ones are not only reliable and committed, but also have organizational talent with an eye for detail.

Should your chosen girls ask “What are bridesmaids?” You can tell them exactly that as a short version.

Bridesmaid ask

2. Bridesmaid Chores: What Does a Bridesmaid Do?

The bridesmaids can do the following. It is best for the bride and bridesmaids to agree exactly which tasks are desired for a bridesmaid so that there is no misunderstanding and the girls know exactly what to do.

1. Help with the wedding preparations: The bride is actively supported from invitations to gift lists to buying clothes.

2. Duties of the bridesmaid are also the planning of the Hen parties or the Bridal shower.

3. On the wedding day, all the girls get ready together and stand by the bride - throughout the day they make sure that the bride always looks perfect.

4. Emotional support: The bridesmaids will relax the excited bride - don't panic!

5. Accompanying the bride to the church - You move into the church before the bride and groom.

6. A bridesmaid wears the train and takes the bridal bouquet from the bride during the ceremony.

7. Presenting Intercession for the bridal couple.

8. At the wedding party, the girls coordinate them Wedding games and actions from friends / family.

9. Bridesmaids might as well take care of that Play corner for childrentake care (bring everything with you / monitor, etc.)

10. Get the party company in the mood.

11. At the photo shoot, they ensure that funny wedding pictures are created - more about this in our article about "Funny wedding pictures".

12. Read all wishes from the eyes of the bride!

13. Possibly one or the other Wedding surprise organize for the bride or the bride and groom

3. Tips for bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaids must be recognized as such and therefore be dressed identically or very similarly.

What you should pay attention to, we explain in our detailed Articles about bridesmaid dresses.

If you have already decided on a bridesmaid dress color, you can read our articles via Bridesmaid dresses in pink, Bridesmaid dresses in blue and Bridesmaid dresses in gray sift through for inspiration.

You can find out more about the accessories in the article "Tips & information on choosing the bridesmaid bag".

4. Ideas for the bridesmaid hairstyle

Different hair lengths and types make it difficult to pick out an identical hairstyle for all bridesmaids.

However, they are welcome to resemble each other and be adapted in style to the wedding.

It's best to do an afternoon at hairdressing, where you all test different hairstyles and decide together. Don't forget sparkling wine - it will be fun ...!

You can get inspiration in our article The 10 most beautiful bridesmaids hairstyles.

5. Floral accessories for the bridesmaids: bouquet or bracelet

As the bride's closest confidante, the bridesmaids receive a bouquet - specifically a small version of the bridal bouquet. This also makes her status at the wedding and her affiliation with the bride clear.

A nice and practical alternative is a small flower bracelet in the style of the bridal bouquet. Such a floral bracelet for the bridesmaid is also a nice reminder of the special day.

Of course, the bride pays the costs for both variants.

6. Beautiful bridesmaids gifts

The bridesmaids put a lot of time, commitment and love into the wedding. A little thank you from the bride shouldn't be missing! Jewelry, accessories or a bag to match the bridesmaid's dresses, for example, are popular and make a great souvenir.

Bridesmaids bracelet

The classic among the bridesmaid gifts is the bracelet with the bridesmaid slogan.

Price: 13,90€

Bridesmaid bracelet as a gift

Such a bridesmaid armand is a sweet gift on the morning of the wedding that your bridesmaids can wear again and again on the wedding day and later.

Price: 9,90€

Heart bracelet for the bridesmaids

A beautiful accessory for the wedding day and also a beloved memento at the same time. With this bracelet, which is individually engraved, the bride is sure to make her girls very happy!

Price: 34,95€

Bridesmaid gift: mug

Such a small thank you is not only very attentive, but also a nice companion and reminder for everyday life! You can customize the name.

Price: 14,90€

Decorative gift for every bridesmaid

Mega cool and creative! Personalize such an individual picture with a wide variety of details such as hair colors, hairstyles, etc. An incredibly great memory for everyone!


Jewelry box for the bridesmaids

A nice memory of the time as a bridesmaid is also a wooden box with your own name. The gift box is available in different versions.

Price: 25€

Sweet bridesmaid bag

A cute gift and super practical: this pretty bridesmaid bag contains some matching products so that bridesmaids have their emergency kit ready.

Price: 15,90€

Cosmetic bag as a bridesmaid gift

A nice gift that can be used as an emergency bag for a wedding, but also wonderfully afterwards.

The accessory with a shared photo shows how close you and your bridesmaids are to each other.

Price: 13,90€

Pocket mirrors as gifts for bridesmaids

Such a sweet pocket mirror in rose gold, gold or silver personalized with name is a nice gift for bridesmaids with a memorable value!

Price: 9,90€

Dressing gown for bridesmaids

Such individually printed kimonos for bridesmaids and bride are real eye-catchers on the wedding morning.

Have them designed with different fonts in different colors and look forward to an elegant start to the morning.

Price: approx. 36 €

Bride cosmetic bag (pack of 5) - make-up bag toiletry bag - bridesmaid makeup bag pouches ...
  • PACK OF 5: This set of 5 cosmetic bags is ideal for every use. Each makeup bag in our set is 18.4 cm long and 12.6 cm wide. They have a beautiful printed flower ...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Our set with 5 make-up bags made of natural cotton have the following lettering printed on the sides: 1 x "Bride" make-up bag, 1 x "Maid of Honor" ...
  • DURABLE: Our set is made of high-quality cotton, which is tear-resistant and washable. The toiletry bags can easily be hand washed in cold water on the left side and left to air ...

If the bride has already paid the full cost of the bridesmaid dresses, that is enough attention and a kiss with a warm hug is enough as a thank you.

7. Adorable bridesmaids pictures

Take the opportunity to have your dearest friends with you and all to look stunning - a little shoot for beautiful bride-bridesmaid photos is now a must! Bride Allison and her girls show you a nice example.

The parties: Photographer: Nikk Nguyen Photo // Flowers: HEB Floral - Rosaleen Canavati and The Elegant Bee // Outfitters: Mens Warehouse // Wedding cake: Bowl Batter // Hair / Make-Up: Simply Serene Salon & Spa and AnnElyse Salon and Spa // DJ: Gaines Entertainment // Wedding Planner: The Ivory Swan // Wedding Dress: Serendipity Bridal // Location: The Ingenhuett on High

More fun photo ideas:

8. Groomsmen - the male counterpart

In the USA, the groom also has several companions, the so-called “groomsmen” or “ushers”. We also refer to the male version of the bridesmaid as the bridesmaid. You can also call the bridesmaid men here as groomsmen.

They accompany the bridesmaids to church and support the groom.

At the wedding, for example, they take on the task of instructing the seating arrangements or coordinating the vehicles.

The number of groomsmen should match the number of bridesmaids for the overall picture.

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