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The worst paid jobs in Austria

In Austria there are numerous professions in which the lowest collective agreement monthly wage is less than 1,500 euros gross.

Vienna. Chancellor Christian Kern (SPĂ–) called for a minimum wage of 1,500 euros in his keynote address in Wels on Wednesday evening, and the union has been advocating a minimum wage of 1,700 euros for a long time.

The lowest monthly wages under the collective agreement (without allowances, special payments, etc.) are paid in Austria by the Newspaper deliverer: The current KV for newspapers / expedition workers provides for a monthly wage of 879.99 euros for deliverers. This means that the deliverers are the only case where the minimum wages for the KV are below 1,000 euros, according to a compilation by the Ministry of Social Affairs (as of end of November 2016).

No collective agreements

However, areas in which there is no collective agreement (KV) are also problematic, so that no information is available about the wages there, for example for Waste Management Worker. This also includes areas where the last KV was years ago, for example Beauticians, where the salaried KV comes from 2002 and provides for a minimum salary of almost 800 euros, so the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Furthermore, they are paid low Waitresses in pastry shops (according to KV confectioners - Vienna, workers), whose minimum wage is 1,177.35 euros. The minimum wage for Clerks at lawyers (KV Wien, salaried), who according to the last KV 2009 only have a minimum wage of 1,023 euros. in the Shoemaking According to KV, unskilled workers earn at least 1,174.30 euros.

Unskilled workers in the Dry cleaning receive a minimum monthly salary according to KV 1,217.60 euros. Employed by doctors (KV Wien) get at least 1,370 euros a month. Hairdresser workers earn only 1,137 euros as a minimum wage during the retention period, after which their wages rise to at least 1,344 euros. Commercial assistants in the metal industry get at least 1,328.89 euros per month.

From office workers to room service

Some professions have between 1,400 and 1,500 euros gross monthly minimum salary Hospitality: So received Office workers (Employees) in the hotel and catering industry 1,420 to 1,450 euros. The minimum wage in Viennese coffee houses is 1,420 euros. Kitchen assistants and Room service staff have to make ends meet with a minimum wage of 1,420 euros. In the butcher's trade (KV Wien) the wage of a shopkeeper is at least 1,458 euros. Employees in the milling industry have a minimum wage of 1,433.22 euros.

According to the most recent KV (from January 1, 2017), only employees in employment group 1 with a minimum monthly salary of 1,402 to 1,436 euros are below the limit of 1,500 euros.

With a gross monthly salary of 1,500 euros, an employee (without children, no commuters), after deducting wage tax and social security, leaves just under 1,200 euros net.