Why can't turtles swim?

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Well-fed tortoises run on the bottom through smaller streams. Only the lightweights swim. It doesn't have much to do with swimming, more to do with chance and luck.

LG Harald
No Harald, they really swim, even well-fed tortoises can do that. However, as already mentioned, they have to go into the water independently. My garden pond, which was actually supposed to serve as the border between the enclosure and the garden and had a flat bank zone, was certainly wider than 15 meters. In the middle it was 1.50 m deep. Two of my Greek tortoises have swamped it regularly - without any problems!
Finally I put a log in the shallower area so that they couldn't go any further.
Falling in or being rammed into a turtle can be fatal. She MUST VOLUNTARILY go into the water.

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