What does the medical cross symbolize

What the green cross means

Symbols are memorized, even with a cursory glance they are recognized. Logos symbolize a special brand and are then usually protected by trademark law. Because of their signaling effect, green crosses are used all over the world, and sometimes with very different meanings. They show the way for hikers, name works of art or stand for nature, hunting or environmental protection. They are most commonly used in the medical field: first aid kits, first aid cabinets, as well as ambulance and rescue vehicles are marked with them. In general, a green cross cannot be protected by copyright.

Founded in 1948, the DGK is the oldest non-profit association for the promotion of health care and communication in Germany. Here, too, the green cross is the central element of the logo, but it is also enclosed by the name 'German Green Cross' and its motto 'for health'. In this form, the logo is very well protected.

The typical Gothic Apotheken-A used in Germany is not common in other countries. Internationally, pharmacies can be recognized by a green cross. Possibly with the aim of operating globally, the company DocMorris, which was only founded in 2000, has integrated this symbol into its trademark.

Nobody can prevent DocMorris from doing this. Even if DocMorris z. B. tries to give the opposite impression on its website, it must be made clear that the "German Green Cross" has no connection to DocMorris.