How do companies find foreign interns

Employ foreign students or technical school students

Requirements for vacation employment

In order for students from abroad to be allowed to work in your company, they must ...

  • be enrolled at a university or technical school abroad and
  • Complete the vacation job when there are official semester breaks at your foreign university or when there are official school holidays at the technical college.

You are looking for applicants

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) will be happy to arrange the relevant positions. Your contact person within the BA is Employment agency in Cologne. You will find the address and contact details at the end of this page.

To get a vacation job to write out Please fill in the following form and send it to the Cologne Employment Agency:

Job offer form for a holiday job in Germany

You have decided on an applicant

If so, please fill out the vacation employment application form for foreign students and technical school students and send them in duplicate to the Cologne Employment Agency. You will find the address and contact details at the end of this page.

Application form for vacation employment for foreign students, technical school students

Other documents required

In addition to the respective vacation employment form, the Cologne Employment Agency needs further documents in order to process your application. These documents are required in any case.

Please submit the following documents together with the vacation employment form (in duplicate) to the Cologne Employment Agency:

Important: The Certificate of enrollment is provided by the foreign university or technical college. This confirms that the person is registered there. The Declaration on the certificate of enrollment is a form from the BA that must be completed and signed by the university or technical college.

So it goes on

The Cologne Employment Agency checks the documents submitted. If all the requirements for vacation employment are met, you will receive the vacation employment form back by post, supplemented by the Confirmation of placement from the BA.

You're welcome forward this placement confirmation in the original to the student. He or she needs the confirmation as proof of entry and approval of employment.