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Very sorry, Andi, I looked at him in the wrong place on the 1981 British Nationality Act. You weren't born in the UK. Since your mother has the British SB "by descent", i.e. through one of your parents, you are unfortunately not entitled to the British SB (see page 11). I'm sorry!
No problem. It's not that easy either. I'm glad someone knows it as well as you do
It's a bit of a shame for me, I would have been happy if there had been an opportunity. In this case, the only way I could still use would be 'normal' naturalization (ie "by naturalization"; provided the other requirements were met)? That my mother is also British wouldn't help me in this case? I ask again because I came across a similar entry from the forum where you replied: "If your mother was born in Germany, she had the right to her British passport, because yours was an army member Grandpas.
Unfortunately you do not have this claim. But, you can still submit an application to register as a British by parentage. "(My mother's British father, my grandfather, was also in the Army). If I had this option too, or the similar entry is not comparable ?
I think the rights and obligations are similar to those in Germany, i.e. she is only allowed to vote at national level if she makes a separate application. That is at least true if I wanted to vote in Germany. What do you mean exactly by rights and duties?
In principle you have already answered it quite well.
Nobody knows what will happen after Brexit. So far, both Germany and the UK have a double self-service, but unfortunately nobody can say what that will look like after Brexit. I'm waiting for the decision * sigh *.
When it comes to this topic, the only thing that helps is waiting ...