What every mother should say to her son

99 things you should absolutely say to your child

of Pia Kotzur Updated: 04/07/2020

Children love compliments, especially from their mothers. We have therefore put together 99 ideas for a compliment. Just take a look and give your child a few of these every day - they will be amazed!

  1. I love it when you ...
  2. You are talented!
  3. You have great dreams.
  4. You are intelligent.
  5. You are interesting.
  6. I am so happy that you are my child.
  7. You have great ideas.
  8. You make me so proud
  9. You win my heart over and over again every day.
  10. You're special.
  11. I am so happy to have you
  12. You're funny.
  13. You are clever.
  14. You're beautiful.
  15. You look great.
  16. You are a blessing to me
  17. You are so creative.
  18. You are so good at ...
  19. You are helpful.
  20. You inspire me.
  21. I feel your love.
  22. You are awesome.
  23. You are so sporty.
  24. You're really artistic.
  25. You bring color into my life.
  26. You motivate me.
  27. You are the light of my life
  28. You are unique.
  29. My heart is yours.
  30. You are lovely
  31. You are so friendly.
  32. I believe in you.
  33. You are so reliable.
  34. You are unique.
  35. You are compassionate
  36. You can do everything you set out to do.
  37. You're unbelievable.
  38. I admire how you ...
  39. I love your laugh.
  40. You make my days more beautiful
  41. You make me smile.
  42. I love your Smile.
  43. There is no one like you.
  44. You are a real joy.
  45. I love that you belong to me.
  46. You are so attentive.
  47. You are extraordinary.
  48. You're a great big brother / sister.
  49. You're a great little brother / sister.
  50. I prefer to spend my time with you.
  51. I appreciate you a lot.
  52. You mean everything to me.
  53. I love it when you confide in me.
  54. You are so strong.
  55. You are the best.
  56. You rock.
  57. We are a great team.
  58. You do everything great.
  59. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you.
  60. I love to be by your side.
  61. You are a great leader.
  62. You move something.
  63. You mean something to me.
  64. You are so much fun to play with.
  65. You always make me laugh.
  66. You are a great student.
  67. You shine so
  68. You shine every day.
  69. I love that you are so honest.
  70. You make my life brighter
  71. You're amazing.
  72. You are impressive.
  73. You are a wonderful part of our family.
  74. You make my memories more beautiful.
  75. You are so respectful.
  76. You have amazing insights.
  77. You are so full of hope
  78. You are so positive
  79. You love your friends wonderfully.
  80. I admire that you keep your promises.
  81. I love the way you learn.
  82. You are a team player.
  83. I love that you never give up.
  84. You are a great role model.
  85. You are exactly right.
  86. You influence me positively every day.
  87. You are so hungry for life.
  88. You are nice to others.
  89. You are outstanding.
  90. You are a great son / daughter.
  91. You are so refreshingly different.
  92. Others come first with you.
  93. I have complete confidence in you.
  94. I like to be in your company.
  95. You're Marvellous.
  96. You dispel a gloomy mood.
  97. You are doing great things.
  98. You are amazing
  99. I love you.

How you can also strengthen your child emotionally after all the love, we have put together here in 8 tips.

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