Where can I find MIDI files

50 free MIDI files for inspiration

Soundation just got 50license-free MIDI files released. They come bundled with Soundation Studio, an online music-making application that allows you to produce songs right in your browser.

Soundation Studio now includes 50 free and license-free MIDI files

By Alexander Schölzel

50 free MIDI files for inspiration

Maybe you're wondering what you can do with MIDI files. This is explained in a nutshell: MIDI files contain the arrangements of one or more different tracks, which consist of the MIDI notes for any virtual instrument.

In the advanced stage, the articulation forms of the notes are also included, i.e. the information about how hard or weak they are struck. This is usually reflected in the volume of individual notes.

MIDI files therefore contain the melodies and rhythms that any sound generator within your music software can make sound - comparable to sheet music that is read by your audio computer. You can get inspiration from them to compose your own tracks.

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Bil Bryant from Soundation gives instructions for integrating the free MIDI files into the Soundation Studio browser DAW software: Drag a MIDI file with the mouse onto a blue instrument channel, select a virtual instrument and press play.

Soundation Studio is already able to import MIDI files from the desktop - if you already have MIDI files on the hard drive, you can also use them. So you are not dependent on the internal files.

Nevertheless, the option to implement such files directly in the application is a good way to point beginners to the advantages of ready-made rhythms and to instruct them in the use of virtual instruments.

Soundation Studio currently offers five virtual instruments and the SAM-1, a sample player with more than 600 license-free loops to experiment with.

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