What's your favorite historical photo

Your favorite photo now on canvas

Snow leopards, Indian elephants, and king penguins do not usually cross paths. In the Felto-Filzwelt it was now different: At the end of its picture exhibition “Animal Coexistence”, the Soltau Photo Club Pixelwerkstatt presented the winners of the audience rating with their favorite motifs as large-format canvas prints.

Thjorm Haus from Hünzingen was delighted with the pair of big cats, a motif by Rüdiger Katterwe. Rike Rehwinkel from Hermannsburg now owns the photo of a mother elephant with her boy, photographed by Dagmar Phillips. Maileen and Niklas from Behringen are proud owners of the picture with the penguin round, also a work by Rüdiger Katterwe. Actually, Grandma Beate Ebendt from Karlsruhe had filled out the winning ticket, but since the way was a bit far, the two grandchildren were allowed to step in.

655 visitors took part in the vote for their favorite pictures. Around 11,000 visitors had visited the exhibition. The winning motif of the audience rating was by far the motif “Children's Eyes” by Rüdiger Katterwe, which shows a family of monkeys and a butterfly flying by. Places two and three, “Snow leopards” and “Luchs mit Maus”, went to the Soltau photographer, who is currently represented with his own exhibition in the Soltau town hall.

The topic of the next exhibition of the Pixelwerkstatt, which will be on view in the Felto at the end of the year, has already been decided: it will be about humor photos that make you smile spontaneously when you look at them.


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