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MEET FRIENDS. PLAY WITH WORDS. Play a game of SCRABBLE with just about anyone - or play alone against the computer! In addition, you can now play SCRABBLE in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish or Portuguese (Brazil).
• Challenge friends on Facebook and more
• Instantly find an enemy with a single touch
• Play alone against the computer to improve your skills
• Play multiple games at the same time - more than any other word game in the App Store
Connect with Facebook and share your best scores. With the improved chat and notification functions, you can even chat during a game.
Become a SCRABBLE master with the exclusive mentor function - find out what your best word would have been after every move.
Use the in-game word list, the built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary, or the exclusive Best Word feature to see your best options.
Do you want to experience the feeling of a personal real-time game? Then try the new speed game mode, where you and your opponent agree on two or five minute moves. If the words are not played in time, the options "Reminder" and "Task" will be activated.
Experience every detail on the game board in HD graphics for your Retina display.
Are you ready for the ultimate word game? Don't settle for less. Just say: "LET'S PLAY SCRABBLE!"
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New functions in version 5.36.0

Dear Scrabble players, as you may have read in our previous announcements, this will be our final update!
Update your game now to enjoy the latest adjustments and improvements.
Thank you for the time together and the fun over the years in SCRABBLE!


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German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Customer reviews


M piontek
It's a shame the game itself is just great, I've been playing it for many years, but at some point the limit is what bothers me the most is the horrible waiting time to remind a player or to throw them out 24 hours is simply too long in both cases it should be 8 Hours are reduced if there are only 2 or 3 letters left to end the game ... It is crazy when players play wrong if the profile is simply not right, often they have a low Elo rating but a very high one high winners quota and an incredible number of bingos 15 thousand bingos are simply not possible in 2 years unless the player plays 24 hours a day and is only looking for bingos alone that is a reason to miss a new concept for this game ... I play Scrabble for 8 years and only have 2279 bingos .. that's real ... the last thing is the voluntary giving up Points deduction for the player who gives up why? It just doesn't have to be just giving up is enough then the game is still worth playing ..

Dictionary update

Everything is going fine. However, I keep getting the message: Dictionary update could not be carried out. The update runs through to approx. 98%, then it stops.

No longer runs smoothly

I really enjoy playing Scrabble and almost every day. For some time now you have to log in to Facebook and the chat disappears every now and then ... and the German dictionary does not update. With my permanent opponent, he also has the paid iPad version and because of the errors he deleted the game and reloaded it, advertising now appears after every move .. that shouldn't be! Please fix, then there are also 5 asterisks 😉

Bad graphics

Just bought the game for my iPad an hour ago. The colors are overwhelming, no matter which settings you choose. Scrabble is a calm and thoughtful game, I don't understand why it all has to be so screamingly colorful. It is also the first Scrabble I know where “ECCE” is not in the dictionary.

Scrabble German really?

Fat Oliver
Word combinations NY, MY, HEY etc. are accepted but SUPER, BIG, OKAY and WHY etc. are not.
Abbreviations are actually taboo too, but ABI, OBI are allowed in the online version, yes it bothers me a lot because when I play with my family there is always a lot of trouble if you don't follow the rules.
Furthermore, please program a switch that you only want to play with members of Facebook and with members who play without a mentor!


James Bond 7
The AI ​​puts words like quidam, scene, twistes, ...
This makes the game unplayable.
In addition, it only has 7 letters, officially there are 8.

Dictionary cannot be updated

Luxury Bierger
Very good app ... but the dictionary has not been updated for weeks. This must not be the case with the basic version; i have the pro version. So paid to make it work.
That rings on an iPad air, OS version 13.3.1.
That should be resolved as soon as possible.

Dictionary cannot be updated!

Now runs really without problems ... but the dictionary cannot be updated ... despite the great network ... ... and there is no support anywhere!
I have now found ...
Cannot load new games
if a started game (not played)
however In the "sinking" disappears ...
... and then possibly "shows up" again after days ...? 🤔
Reminder and abandonment functions can be activated ...
Update playlist by dragging ...
Not all active games are displayed ...
Disappear for days and more ...
some moves are not accepted correctly ...
Must then close the game ...
I haven't been able to load any new games for days ...
10 games on hold ...
Neither the reminder nor the task function work ...
By the way ... mostly all games in which
I clearly lead ... sanctions?
Since yesterday I can no longer load random opponents ... 5 active games ...
Restarting doesn't do anything anymore ...
and the annoying energy problem!

Last update

Bengoshi 2
The dictionaries do not load despite repeated startups and fast internet. It's frustrating. Sloppiness.

Family sharing has stopped working

Family sharing no longer works after the update. Since we play in the family, the game is no longer usable. Hope for the next update

Optically good, dictionary so-so, origin friends nothing, help underground

apple plantation
I've been playing Scrabble on the iPad for years and it's now pretty stable again. Some of the words the computer uses are questionable, but it still works. Not being able to look for friends is annoying and the help is unreasonable. For an hour I tried to get help in various ways, but the maximum is to be referred to the community. It's a shame, that leaves the impression of generating maximum sales with minimal effort, without really supporting the players.

English dictionary not reliable .... part 2

Oscar Tweazle
The name NAOMI not recognized by the dictionary, but recognized words like JUN and YENS .... 🤔
Update. I give up! The dictionary is atrocious: the word DORSET is not in the English dictionary. I refuse to play this game any longer.

Friends away

I have been playing Scrabble with my friends for a few years now. Everyone bought the app. Unfortunately this has not worked for a few weeks, only against the random opponent or against the computer. The friends list is empty. You cannot add friends in the app or in the Origin Client. Reinstalling the app didn't help either!

Updates disastrous

Mr. Walter C.A.
I've been using this comparatively expensive app on the iPad for over three years. It has been a long time since you could use the multiplayer mode. With almost every update something doesn't work anymore. At the moment the "friends" are not recognized again and again, you only play against guests and numbers. The game is great (that's why I keep playing), the execution of the app could be improved.


Michael Smolka
Technically, actually a nice implementation of the classic.
However, there is a massive deduction for the "vocabulary" of the app. The suggestions and the words that the computer opponent makes are outrageous to a not inconsiderable extent. Sometimes just words from other languages ​​or fantasy words that the Duden does not know.
Unfortunately, the fun of the game suffers a lot.
In my opinion, the app is way too expensive for that.


50 percent of the words do not exist
Some words are shortened or lengthened in every imaginable form
Presumably there is a separate dictionary for this game

No vocabulary

This version of the game does not know the simplest words of the German dude such as North Sea, Baltic Sea, etc., instead it invents word creations under "Best word" that cannot be found in any Duden or dictionary. With regard to today's possibilities, poorly implemented app.

Very badly maintained

---> JoH <----
The many unknown words, which many others have already noted, take a lot of getting used to. At some point you also learn that French and English words appear in the Scrabble Duden, but the Duden I use knows a lot of words that Scrabble rejects ?! In the game against the device there is one disadvantage - not quite as tragic against human opponents.
I signed up for EA / Origin. I was then able to invite three friends over their Internet portal, which was very cumbersome. At some point there were no more invitations.
If I want to try again today, do I even have to load a program onto my Mac !? But even with that I haven't found a way to add someone yet.
For a company like EA, which advertises with titles like FIFA 2019, a very weak report. I count Plus the times when it is not possible to register - for example today - I can only advise against buying their products.
I bought Scrabble many years ago and have played with it since the first iPad. It didn't always get better with the next version.

What's wrong with the app?

I've been playing for several years and was actually super satisfied, but suddenly nothing works anymore. I've tried everything, but I can no longer log in. Please fix the error quickly!


Many words are not recognized, many others are recognized, although one does not know them or they do not even exist in German

Expert mode is a real puzzle

The dictionary contains some strange words that the "expert" puts down as an opponent, but you get used to them. What is worse is that the random number generator sometimes produces an overproduction of certain letters and then you only get u or i. So I suspect that there is not a little bag modeled with letters (like in the real Scrabble) from which the letters are drawn, but only a random generator is always triggered. For the rare letters like x or y, however, the production is correct. There is always only one or two.
And what is still annoying is the animation that runs when you have used all letters in one move (you get 50 points bonus). Unfortunately, it cannot be switched off.
Otherwise it's fun, it works reliably, doesn't crash, don't think twice about it, actually very convenient to use. I like to play this against the computer in expert mode as a pastime.


Hay hello
The computer delivers completely unknown words.


I bought the game because I thought you couldn't go wrong with it. Far from it, absurd words such as "sä" "ny" "St" and many other nonsensical words apply here, as well as sometimes English and French words. It's a pity, that's annoying!


Everything works again


It is really unfortunate when a good idea is implemented in such a sloppy way. You really have to ask yourself what linguistic background the programmers of this app have. Mistakes about mistakes, words that do not exist are recognized, words that actually exist are shown as not in the German dictionary. If the programmers do not really check the dictionary, at least one button should be inserted, with the help of which errors can be reported. With the language quality offered, it is more suitable for the colloquial language of today's schoolyards.

Scrabble no longer works on iPad

Scrabble has not received a server connection on my iPad IOS 9.3.5 for 2 days and I cannot contact the support either :-(?


0521 Marianne
what's up with scrabble? After enjoying playing it for a long time, it suddenly stopped working. It cannot be opened and therefore cannot be played.
After I delete it and reload it, it doesn't work either.
I hope they either do something right away.

nice, but too many mistakes now

when I bought the game it was great. Now there are the following errors:
- the opponents are only referred to as guests
- the reminder function has disappeared,
- too many words that are not in the Duden are accepted

So far so good

The board game is much better. But the app also works for on the go.

Strange words from the computer

Part of the mentor and the words from the computer are very strange and seem arbitrary. The higher you set the level of difficulty, the more abstruse the terms are - actually no longer to be taken seriously: z. B. "drain" ???

Not to be used, registration not possible

Mechatronics specialist
Frequent disconnections during registration despite stable WLAN
The dictionary is still an imposition

Suspended 😳

CB 02/10/2011
After the game hangs out of the blue, it is no longer playable online. 😢
Tried everything, nothing works anymore.
If it should run again at some point, it will also be 5 stars again. Please fix errors. Thanks.

Bad dictionary

It could be a great game if it weren't for those many words that don't even exist in this way. The computer often creates words that do not correspond to German. That's not fun. It works with other word games too. Pity

Mistake, mistake, mistake

Once again, nothing works anymore .... 😡

Game is fun but strange dictionary

I really like the game, it's fun.
In the single player mode against the computer, the computer sometimes puts the strangest words that I've never heard of, and they don't exist in the online search either.
Above all, he puts a lot of English words, such as “City”, “Boy” etc. I then put an English word, then that doesn't count!
Otherwise I can only recommend the premium version.


Can't play ...... even when restarting the app ....


1. Version cannot be updated.
After deleting it from the iPad, I can no longer load the game either. I.e. also no longer play.
2. After some update, the Origin players could no longer be recognized and were only called "Guest 1234" or other numbers. Since I don't have a Facebook account (anymore) - maybe that's different there - I now only play against numbers. Pity!

Cannot register with Scrabble account

Since yesterday I can no longer log in, everything worked
already tried, password change, reinstallation etc. unfortunately without success.
Therefore only 1 star at the moment. Hope it works again.

I recently stopped being able to log into my Origin account.

Frustration Janz
Recently on my iPad3 😪
Out of the blue this is no longer possible. I can still access and edit my Origin account on the web without any problems, but unfortunately that's no use with Scrabble ...



Scrabble bliss

Very good app, but there are loads of words I would like to know the meanings of, which the computer uses. A way of looking them up in the dictionary? Or have I missed that? Also some which are plain wronge.g. Unapt. Surely inapt?


The game is fun, although the dictionary is crazy at the moment, doesn't know all German words and sometimes creates words that don't exist.


It went great so far ... and now it's over.
The fact that the opponent has played is no longer displayed, you are no longer notified that the opponent has played, you are also not notified that a reminder has been sent .... What a shame ..

No update

Hello, the game doesn't update itself after each move. Nerve, because I have to switch off the iPad with IOS 10.3.3 and restart it every time. Reinstalling the app brought no change either. Everything works fine on my iPhone 6 Plus. Please fix it. Many Thanks

Please update the dictionary

Fabi the master
It doesn't even know Europe .... please introduce function to report words (which are allowed and which have to be activated)


Thanks to the different partners and the language training, every new game is fun. The app is well structured and works flawlessly.

Makes a good mood

jue ru
But only take the purchase version, the free version annoys forever with advertising.


Stupid citizens
The graphics are great, but the game is unsuitable for children. Too many spelling mistakes in unknown words. So only two stars.
The dictionary can only be for children with pisas. There are words that do not appear in any dictionary.
No countries, no cities, names etc.
Please revise the German dictionary for the price.
What words are there?
It would be nice to see the dictionary and expand it.
Hopefully this will be read too?

Still no registration via Origin

Short name was gone
Registration via Origin fails in this version as well. What a tragedy with this app ?! It's hard to believe that a company like EA is behind it.
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