What do you hate to waste

Translation of "wasted your time" in spanish

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Well then you probably have wasted your time.
I'm really sorry wasted your time to have Divya.
All the stuff we've got on our hands, man, and here you have it wasted your time?

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I never understood why you Your time with me wasted has.
It's bad enough that you for me your time in Quantico wasted has.
Ya es malo haberte hecho perder el día yendo a Quántico.
The first 48 hours are crucial in the case of a missing person, and yours Lies have a lot wasted time.
Las primeras 48 hours are cruciales en las desapariciones y con do mentira has malgastado muchas.
While you your time with the opening wasted got ... I had a great idea for Gary's new business contest.
Mientras perdías el tiempo Abriendo Se me ocurrió una idea para el concurso del nuevo negocio de Gary.
- You wouldn't have ours wasted time.
A surprising amount was achieved on this project wasted time.
That my wasted time I don't like it.
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