How were chocolate chip cookies invented

December 4th is not only Barbara day, but also the day of the biscuit. But do you also know where the cookies got their name from? We'll tell you.

Munich - Cookies are popular with almost everyone. Besides, they are a practical snack and give quickly Energy, there are even sugar-free and healthy versions of the delicious classic. But where do cookies come from at all? After all, they weren't just there.

Biscuits and cookies: this is how they became famous and these recipes are particularly delicious

First of all, we should differentiate the term “invent” a little. Because invented has been not the biscuit, strictly speaking, a particular person simply has that The term "biscuit" was invented for something that already existed. It's about Hermann Bahlsen (59, † 1919). The entrepreneur founded 1889 a factory called "Hanover cakes factory". Try to pronounce that and you will notice: sounds like "biscuit".

Incidentally, Bahlsen's “cakes” worked at all not about cake, as we imagine it today, but rather around Cookie. The Butter cakes were after Leibniz named and there was an advertising slogan to match, even if the neologism that followed was probably an oversight: “What does mankind eat on the way? Of course Leibniz Cakes! " Only the Germans couldn't pronounce the English word as it should. Without further ado, the manufacturers made "biscuit“Out and the rhyme was saved.

Biscuits and Cookies: This is why they might have been baked

The biscuit was born and since then has been produced and recreated in all possible shapes, colors and flavors. But where does the basic idea come from, Biscuits or cookies Christmas close? There are different ones Theories.

One of them says that even before Christ the Celts Have baked cookies. Strictly speaking, for Winter solstice in December. Similar to at Halloweenpeople feared evil spirits, that could penetrate the houses or harm the animals, Offerings should therefore appease them. And they were in Animal shape baked.

Or the whole thing comes from the Middle Ages, as Spices were worth a fortune and for most of the population unaffordable. In Monasteries but they were too Baked for Christmas and then on poor distributed.

Another option, also from the Middle Ages: Cookies or Cookies are like sauerkraut, kimchi, candied or cooked fruitdurable. So in this theory there is the Use in the foreground.

Biscuits and cookies: these recipes are particularly delicious

No matter which theory is correct or whether they all apply: cookie and Cookies are tasty, if not entirely healthy, snacks and are quick to prepare. Popular: Chocolate biscuit. Whether still liquid inside or with a particularly large number of chocolate chips - the chocolate biscuit is a popular one Classic. You can either use our normal Chocolate biscuit recipe with almonds use or Austrian Brabanzerl try out that are with jam and something completely different.

Or do you prefer Cookie? Especially in the Christmas time ensure the right one Christmas spirit, especially together with homemade Christmas scent, a delicious one Winter teaand a blanket. Even if you have allergies or intolerances, you don't have to go without cookies, you can exchange many ingredients, such as reported. *

The following cookie for example, you could just do it yourself:

If there is anything else Orange peel or Lemon peel may be: You can also make this yourself instead of buying it. And who knows: maybe hold Animal shaped cookies or biscuits yes with you too Evil ghosts afar, so pick up a few for that Rough nights on. By the way, the elder has to do with ghosts, as well as with Frau Holle. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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