How do I find sponsorship for travel

Become a sponsor of the project “Weltreise 24”

How do you finance a trip around the world? Difficult topic. The trip itself is still a long way off - we're already thinking about financing. Basically, you first need a solid financial basis. After all, not only do you want to bridge 6-8 months without income, but also the trip itself, flights, hotels and many other things need to be financed. We are already starting to put money aside for this. Our plan is to completely carry the foundation for the trip ourselves. After all, we don't want to make our dream dependent on third parties.

However, that's only one side of the coin. On the other hand, we dream of us on this journey to be able to fulfill many wishesnot having to spend every penny and being able to explore the world freely and carefree without restrictions. We want to be able to travel to unusual places, we want to be able to choose our means of transport freely and varied and we don't want to have to do without the fulfillment of individual dreams for the sake of money.

But that's not all. We would also like to use this world tour to en route peoplewho we encounter and to whom the world may not be as free and open as we are, to help. We are very well aware of how well we are compared to many other people in the world. That there are people who need our help, that there are projects that need support and we too would like to make a small contribution.

Exactly for these reasons we are looking for now
Sponsors for our world tour in 2024!


The plan

Anyone - whether private person or company - who would like to support us on this journey is free to sponsor us.

Any amount in our Donation pot hikes, people and projects who urgently need help will benefit on our trip around the world. Which projects these will be is up to us. Of course, we will explain this transparently and openly.

The second option is ours Travel fund to support. Even if we will completely finance the basic financing of our world tour ourselves, we would also like to fulfill one or the other dream that will remain just a dream without further support. Every euro you give our Travel fund supports, helps us to make our world tour 24 the best world tour ever.


The key data

We want in 2024 once around the world to travel. Route, duration and details are still completely in the stars at the moment. One thing is certain, we want to see and experience as much as possible on 6 different continents, as many as possible get to know and understand new cultures, discover interesting people and exciting places. For this we are looking for sponsors who support us.

Here's what we offer our sponsors

  • Every sponsor with an amount greater than € 20.24 will be named on our sponsor page - with a corresponding link on request.
  • The sponsors are named in descending order according to the amount sponsored.
  • Anonymous sponsoring is also possible by arrangement.

How do you become a sponsor of Weltreise 24?

The minimum sponsorship to be named and linked is included 20.24 euros. But we are also happy to receive small amounts. Every euro counts and helps. Transfers and donations can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. Each sponsor will receive a confirmation of the amount and the agreements mentioned on this page by email.

Financing status 08/10/2020