Why do people use Chinese vegetable soup

Chinese vegetable soup

For the preparation of this recipe for Chinese vegetable soup all vegetables should be prepared and cut into small pieces first.

To do this, peel the carrots with a peeler and cut into thin strips about 3 cm long with a knife.

Wash half a red bell pepper inside and out, removing the inner pale skins and cutting into smaller cubes.
Likewise, halve a whole hot red chilli pepper, if you like it particularly spicy, use a knife to remove the core and the light skin and also cut into narrow strips or small cubes.

Cut a peeled smaller onion or half an onion and clove of garlic into small cubes.

Cut 2 thin spring onions together with the green part into rings.

Peel a piece of crispy fresh ginger and cut into small cubes.

Bamboo shoots are usually available for purchase in glass or shrink-wrapped in foil, take the appropriate amount and cut the wide strips into thinner sticks.

Now you can start cooking:
Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a saucepan, gently frying the onions and garlic not too much.
Fry for 1 - 2 minutes while turning. Add the spring onions, ginger and hot chili pepper pieces, fold in and stew briefly.
Now add the carrot sticks and red pepper cubes to the saucepan, fold in and deglaze with light soy sauce.

Pour about 800 ml of cold water over it, season with salt and ground ginger powder.
Bring the Chinese vegetable soup to the boil once, then let it simmer for another 10 minutes with the heat turned down a little, finally adding the bamboo shoots to the soup.
While the soup is boiling, you can cut another spring onion into very fine rolls for the garnish and to sprinkle the soup, and fill them in a small bowl.
Mix the cornstarch in a little cold water and dry sherry and finally stir into the cooked vegetable soup with a mixing spoon. Then bring the Chinese vegetable soup to the boil again, season to taste with a little salt and sambal oil and a few drops of pure sesame oil, which is pressed from roasted sesame seeds. This dark sesame oil with a very intense taste is available in small bottles with a capacity of approx. 150 ml on Asian spice shelves in supermarkets or in Asian grocery stores. This sesame oil gives every Chinese or Asian dish the typical oil taste known from Chinese restaurants.
To serve:
Pour hot Chinese vegetable soup into soup bowls, sprinkle with spring onion rings and enjoy. Put the rest of the spring onions and the bottle of sesame oil on the table for self-service.

A serving of Chinese vegetable soup contains approx. 90 kcal and approx. 3 g of fat

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