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As the name suggests, a DC / DC converter converts one DC voltage into another.
The operating voltage of different electronic devices such as ICs varies widely, making it necessary to provide the correct voltage for each device.
Buck converters output a lower voltage than they absorb, while a step-up converter outputs a higher voltage.

Linear or switching regulators

DC / DC converters are also known as linear or switching regulators, depending on the conversion method used.

Devices for converting to a lower voltage
Buck converter or buck converter
Devices for converting to a higher voltage
Step-up converter or step-up converter
Devices for converting to a higher or lower voltage
Up-Down Converter
Device for providing a negative voltage
Negative voltage converter or inverter

AC vs. DC

What does AC mean?

AC is the abbreviation for alternating current and describes current that changes its strength and polarity (orientation) over time.
It is often given in Hertz (Hz), the SI unit for frequency, and describes the number of times the polarity changes per second.

What does DC mean?

1) DC stands for direct current (direct current) and is characterized by the fact that the current does not change its polarity over time.

2) Even though the polarity does not change over time, there are also small fluctuations in strength, so-called ripples, in DC.

Electrical devices that plug into a power outlet require an AC / DC converter to convert the AC power to DC power.
The reason is that most semiconductor devices can only operate on direct current (DC).
Integrated circuits (ICs) and other components mounted on carrier boards that are used in sets have specific operating voltages that require different voltages.
An unstable or unsuitable power supply can lead to reduced performance characteristics and even functional failures.
To prevent this, a DC / DC converter is required for voltage conversion and stabilization.

A device that stabilizes the voltage using a DC / DC converter is called a voltage regulator.

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