What are the benefits of web marketing

10 online advertising advantages - why the investment is worthwhile for you

Can you still imagine the Internet in your everyday life? For most people, the digital world has become an integral part of the reality of their lives. According to Statista, the proportion of Internet users in Germany was 81 percent in 2017, and the trend has been rising for years. In addition to the increasing number of users, there are many other online advertising advantages that you should be convinced of. The younger generation reads the news via apps and consumes music via streaming services instead of listening to the radio. Classic media are becoming less and less important. The change to the digital world has also left its mark on the marketing industry. Today, an average of 24% of the budget is invested in online marketing. In the next two years, marketing executives expect an increase to 33% of the total budget.

For B2B companies there are many reasons for online marketing, as it offers enormous potential. Which Online advertising benefits there are compared to classic marketing, we'll tell you in this article.

The 10 advantages of online advertising

  1. More effective target group approach

The first advantage of online advertising is that, compared to conventional marketing, you can address your target groups precisely and with significantly less wastage. Online marketing tools such as Google AdWords use modern tracking and targeting methods to address users precisely.

  1. Measurability of success

While the effect and reach of print advertising, be it an advertising poster on the roadside or a flyer, is difficult to determine, in B2B online marketing, specific key figures based on individual objectives such as clicks and views allow an evaluation of the efficiency of individual campaigns. The measurability is therefore one of the greatest leverage and online advertising advantages.

  1. Continuous optimization possibility

Controlling and reporting tools are not only indispensable for monitoring the success of an online marketing measure. The data and statistics obtained from them draw detailed conclusions and initiate appropriate optimization measures. 

  1. Big effect on a small budget

In contrast to classic advertising channels, online marketing is associated with significantly lower costs, which is one of the greatest advantages of online advertising. For comparison: While the CPM (costs for 1,000 impressions) for campaigns on Facebook averages € 2.30 depending on the industry, the advertising expenditure for a 30-second clip on German television is significantly higher at around € 18. In addition, classic marketing channels are associated with high wastage, so that you should think carefully about what you are using your budget for before starting a campaign.

  1. Multimedia marketing measures

One of the most important online advertising advantages, on the other hand, provides you with an almost unlimited number of visual, auditory and interactive elements that you can use on the various channels depending on the campaign goal. A marketing study from 2016 asked medium-sized companies about the most important online marketing instruments for them to achieve their marketing goals. In addition to the paramount importance of a company website as a measure (91%), successful companies place a further focus on SEO (62%), email marketing (53%) and at least 41% on social media (LinkedIn, Xing, etc.) .

In our blog post, we have summarized which marketing measures are trendy in 2021.

  1. Increase in range

The networking that goes hand in hand with the Internet is an enormous plus point for online marketing. It has never been so easy to generate an incredible range. Content can be distributed at an immense speed. An online campaign can not only reach the established target groups, it can also convince potential users and open up new customer groups.

  1. Customer satisfaction through interaction

Online marketing can bring more customer proximity. Social media channels and chat systems on the company's own website offer inexpensive options for your company to enter into dialogue with customers. Questions can be clarified, feedback and criticism can be received. A lively exchange with the target group ultimately leads to closer customer loyalty and thus also higher customer satisfaction.

  1. Up-to-dateness through digital products

Digitally prepared content can be edited quickly and easily, while printed flyers and brochures can no longer be used once they are out of date.


  1. Global customer acquisition

Over 2 billion people worldwide are on social media channels and spend an average of 2 hours there every day. The advantages of online advertising are obvious: the advertising media used are location-independent and can be used internationally to target customers. You can easily address your desired target group around the clock at any location worldwide and, on top of that, have significantly easier access to new markets without having to travel around the world.

  1. A positive image thanks to a modern marketing strategy

The use of modern marketing instruments improves the image of your company and shows the strength of innovation and dynamism. An online presence is essential, especially for B2B companies, as a large part of the target group and potential customers can be found online. Make sure, however, to keep your website up-to-date and to use a balanced combination of content and visualization. This is crucial for a positive perception as a professional company.

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