Which is the most important health or happiness

Happiness & wellbeing

After intense feelings of happiness, people return to an initial emotional level. Unfortunately, being happy all the time doesn't work. It does not seem to make sense in the context of life and in a person's maturation path. Nevertheless, it is possible to increase the feeling of happiness or well-being - for example by changing the way you think or act. However, it is important to also consider the larger context of life. In the end, only everyone can find out for themselves what makes them happy individually. Orientation pillars indicate happiness research and one's own experience. Happiness seems more likely to be successful if you adopt a certain relaxed attitude towards it.

General steps to greater wellbeing

There are also general measures that can help increase well-being. For example:

  • Stress management,
  • do something that brings joy
  • do something that one is good at
  • treat yourself like a good friend
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet, healthy exercise, "care for the psyche", enough sleep),
  • exchange ideas with other people,
  • Build up emotional resistance (resilience).

Activities that may increase the feeling of well-being in the short term, but then lead to a worse condition, are not effective (e.g. drinking too much alcohol, eating too much sweets).