What is the best VPS hosting company

VPS comparison 2021: The 5 best VPS hosting providers (with numbers on availability & server speed!)

Best VPS hosting

The best VPS hosting offers you reliable uptime, high speed and ample resources (RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc.) at reasonable prices. It's great for websites with high traffic or if you want more flexibility.


Our first place among VPS hosting providers goes to SiteGround - with up to 9 CPU cores, 12 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD and 5 TB bandwidth!


After viewing over 40 web hosts, we present you our top 5 most popular VPS providers. We examined the uptime, the server speed and the functions for each VPS host and documented the results in a test report (linked below).


Take a look at them - so that you can make an informed decision!





All prices quoted are based on a 12 month plan.


Key Features

  • 40 GB SSD storage
  • 5 TB data transfer
  • 3 cores & 6GB RAM
  • Apache / NGINX & CentOS
  • GIT integration

"SiteGround offers solid server performance with high quality live chat support."


SiteGround is a great hosting company that offers solid server performance with high quality live chat support. SiteGround is suitable for both new and experienced users who want to switch to VPS for their website.


The cloud plan must be mentioned in the same breath as VPS. It is fully managed with dedicated resources to create and manage separate control panels.


The cloud plan also offers a number of key features that are essential for VPS services, such as free CDN for improved speed, the ability to choose the server location, and 24/7 VIP customer support.


SiteGround is always reliable and known for its speed. SiteGround is our No. 1 recommendation if you value speed, stability and revenue.


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We host Bitcatcha.com on SiteGround Cloud (Business). Learn more.



Key Features

  • 20GB SSD
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • 1GB RAM & 2GB burst RAM
  • 100 MB / S network
  • IPv6 support

"30x faster than the average shared hosting service at an incredibly low introductory price!"


Hostinger offers a 6 tier plan for its VPS hosting services that you can choose based on the needs of your website. Your plan 1 1 vCPU offers the basic specifications with 1,000 GB (aka 1 TB) of bandwidth, 20 GB of hard disk space, and around 1 GB of RAM. If you want more, you can sign up for the plan 8 vCPU opt, which offers a whopping 8 GB of RAM, 160 GB of hard drive space and 8,000 GB of bandwidth.


The other major strength of Hostinger VPS hosting is that it is 30x faster than the average shared hosting service. This makes them one of the fastest VPS hosting providers out there. So if speed is important to you, then Hostinger is a great choice.


Plus, their price is ridiculously low for a VPS of this caliber. Excellent value for money - nothing can go wrong with Hostinger. If the prices at SiteGround are a bit too high for you, then Hostinger would be the next best choice.


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Key Features

  • 1 core & 2GB RAM
  • 20GB SSD storage
  • SPanel WHCP
  • SShield Security
  • Compatible for cPanel migration

"The ScalaHosting SPanel is a strong selling point and offers VPS users many functions with additional benefits."


ScalaHosting is a respected service provider in an industry that is inundated with mediocre performance. Not only is it great for the quality of the product and service, but a true innovator when it comes to technology.


The company has worked on a viable cPanel alternative for years and recently launched it successfully. Scala Managed VPS Cloud customers can now benefit from SPanel and the associated tools.


Apart from acting as an all-in-one control panel for web hosting, it brings two other central tools into play - SShield and SWordpress Manager.


The former helps users deal with cyber security threats in real time. According to their internal tests, SPanel is able to block 99.998% of the attacks. For a free utility that is included, that's an incredible success rate.


SWordPress offers WordPress site owners a strong, central management interface for all of your WordPress needs via the SPanel interface. Here you can install, uninstall, update and much more.


Overall, this host offers you a fantastic price-performance ratio with a wide range of tools and high reliability thanks to the solid availability guarantee.


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Key Features

  • 75GB SSD storage
  • 2TB transfer
  • 4GB RAM & 4 vCPUs
  • Node.js & TLS 1.2
  • cPanel or Plesk

"With Railgun Optimizer, preconfigured server caching & SSD, A2 is serious about speed."


Just like Hostinger, A2 Hosting does everything in its power to get the best possible speed out of your website with their VPS hosting. With technologies like the Railgun Optimizer, preconfigured server caching and SSD storage for their servers, the people at A2 Hosting show that they are serious about their speed.


While they offer all the essential functions you need for VPS hosting, such as the ability to use cPanel or Linux OS and even allow root access, their greatest strength lies in server speed that is unparalleled in the hosting industry.


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Key Features

  • 75GB SSD storage
  • 4TB bandwidth
  • 4GB RAM
  • CentOS with LAMP
  • cPanel

"Exceptional server performance with high uptime and low’ time-to-first-byte "


With Inmotion Hosting, in addition to solid customer service, you can expect exceptional server performance with high availability (> 99.95%) and low time-to-first-byte (<450 ms). Their VPS hosting plan is highly recommended if server performance is your priority.


The amount of features you get with Inmotion Hosting, such as: B. the free cPanel license with CertOS for companies and SSL & SSDs certificate for additional security and high-speed hosting, makes it an excellent choice for power users.


We used to www.bitcatcha.com hosted with them, and of course speaks volumes for their speed and service.


Read our review on Inmotion Hosting for more information!



What is VPS hosting?


VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a unique hosting technology that sits between standard shared web hosting and dedicated server services.


It's best for businesses that need a hosting plan that offers more server power, functionality, and flexibility than shared servers, but without the dedicated server price tag.


In other words, VPS hosting gives you the best of both worlds. You get more of everything, but at a price that isn't too outrageous.


Here's a quick rundown of the basics, but if you're hungry for more, you can find tons of fantastic VPS hosting guides online.


More on VPS hosting


VPS enables you to host your website in virtual departments on a physical server. This may sound very similar to a shared hosting server, but in reality it is very different because in a virtual private server you have your own operating system, dedicated resources (CPU and RAM) and dedicated memory.


VPS hosting costs only a fraction of an entire server. (Source)


So it's perfect if you need the benefits of a private server but want to keep costs down.


What is the difference between VPS and other hosting types?


"Is there really a difference?"


Of course there is, and it's bigger than you think!


To get a better understanding of the differences, it is worth taking a look at the inner workings of each hosting service.


Shared server hosting


With shared server hosting, your website is hosted on a single physical server along with hundreds of other websites. It is often the cheapest hosting offer, but it also has the most restrictions because you share all of your server resources with other users.


It is similar to sharing an apartment with roommates. It's all great and fun until someone locks themselves in the toilet for a long time.


Yes, I'm talking about you, Karen. Stop confiscating the toilet all the time.


In general, shared server hosting is better for smaller websites that don't use a lot of bandwidth or server resources. Most providers take care of server maintenance, which makes it easy to use even for people without technical knowledge.


The downside is that you have very limited resources, and if you have a bad co-user as a neighbor, they'll hog all your resources and your website will slow down.


Do you know what happens when your website slows down? It reduces conversions. And nobody wants that!


Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting


You only really understand freedom when you move out of the apartment with the stupid friends who have confiscated the toilet and move into your own loft.


Goodbye, Karen!


This is what VPS hosting looks like. You have the whole apartment to yourself, and while you and other users are still on a physical server, your server resources belong only to you.


With VPS, you no longer have to worry about bad users hogging server resources because you are isolated from each other, even if you share the same physical server.


This means your website will work faster, resulting in more CONVERSIONS and SALES leads.


You also have more security with VPS as all of your data is kept separate from other users, which reduces the chances of hackers gaining access to your website.


The best part?


VPS usually costs a fraction of a dedicated server. Essentially, you get the benefits of a private server, minus the exorbitant price.


Dedicated hosting


At some point in life you will want to live in a luxurious mansion where the toilets are bigger than the living room of your old place.


And it is the same with a dedicated server. Basically, you have the entire server to yourself and can access as many resources as you need, but just like a home, dedicated servers are the most expensive option of any hosting service.


Since you have the entire physical server to yourself, you have access to all server resources without having to share or partition them with other users. You also have total control over all aspects of your server, including the operating system, hardware and so on.


It's the top performing hosting service but also the most expensive and is generally recommended for users who run high profile, high traffic websites that require large bandwidth.


Should you switch to VPS hosting?


Some of you may be wondering whether or not you should make the switch to a VPS.


In all honesty, if you're only running a small hobby website, then most likely Not.




If the things we've listed below sound familiar to you, then this should be a good indication that living with roommates isn't exactly the best option for you:


  • Your website is starting to slow down or your users say that pages are loading slowly.
  • You regularly get high visitor numbers.
  • You keep seeing the message "Internal Server Error" or the message "50X".
  • You have stored sensitive data on your website.
  • You are considering or running an online shop.
  • You want to install a custom application or software.
  • You keep getting the "Service Unavailable" error message when loading your website.


Also, if you run a business or offer a service, you'd better make a switch. VPS hosting is usually more reliable and faster than shared hosting, and the extra speed will help increase sales and conversions.


Conclusion: which VPS web host is the best?


Finally, here is a summary of our top 3 VPS web hosts:



We mentioned it before, and we will mention it again - there is no perfect VPS provider (at least none we know). But Siteground comes pretty close, despite the price.


Regardless of which VPS you choose, the 5 that we have listed above are currently the best providers as they offer excellent services in terms of customer service, server performance, reliability, general ease of use and above all speed.


If conversions and sales are important to you, all of these top 5 VPS services will provide you with the appropriate helpful speed. They are all great options, and ultimately it all depends on your website needs, the features you want, and your budget.