Is Facebook an advertising platform

Facebook buys Microsoft's advertising platform Atlas

Facebook is continuing to work on its advertising strategy: the social network is taking over the Atlas Advertiser Suite advertising platform from Microsoft. The technology of the Seattle-based company should allow advertisers and agencies to better manage campaigns and measure their impact across channels.

"We believe that both marketers and users will benefit from this acquisition," writes Brian Boland, responsible for product marketing at Facebook. Only if advertising companies and agencies got a holistic view of the performance of their campaigns could they ensure that the right messages reached the right users at the right time. "Atlas offers the possibilities for this type of measurement, and expanding this system will allow marketers a deeper understanding of effectiveness and thus lead to a better experience with digital advertising for consumers," said Boland.

The aim is to make Atlas the most effective, intuitive and strongest platform for delivering, managing and measuring online advertising. Together with the services of Nielsen and Datalogix, the Atlas system enables advertisers to compare their Facebook campaigns with their other advertising activities. Last but not least, the deal, about the financial terms of which Facebook did not announce, is supposed to put the social network in a better position vis-à-vis Google when it comes to display advertising.

According to a company spokesman, Facebook is not about building its own advertising network, as reported by Zdnet. However, if the company succeeds in better documenting the effectiveness of Facebook campaigns, a lot would already be gained. Because the effectiveness of advertising on the platform had repeatedly arose. Irishman