Where do we use C and C.

Comprehensive services for wholesalers and restaurants

As a supplier for wholesalers and restaurateurs, WASGAU C + C offers a high-quality service that complements the range and acts as an overall concept for you as a dealer. Competence, reliability and customer proximity are the focus of the action.

The comprehensive range of services for bulk consumers includes:

  • delivery: You can take the goods with you at a pick-up market or use the practical delivery service.
  • Intergast: With this wholesale cooperation you can access the entire gastro range.
  • Online stores: Order your groceries and non-food items online around the clock.
  • Redemptions: You receive a return guarantee for unused products in their original packaging (except fresh items).
  • Calendar of events: Take a look at the WASGAU C + C events.

You can enjoy these advantages with the offer for wholesalers

WASGAU C + C sees itself as a specialist in food and catering needs. Thanks to the high-quality and comprehensive range, there are numerous advantages for wholesalers:

  • You receive all services from a single source - from advice to delivery.
  • Groceries for large customers can be picked up in the regional markets and delivered by the suppliers.
  • WASGAU C + C offers suitable services for the catering industry and bulk buyers.
  • All products are fresh, of high quality and, if requested, regional - you get all of this at a fair price.

Your supplier for fresh and high-quality food directly from the manufacturer

As a provider and supplier of food with the highest freshness and quality, WASGAU C + C ensures an offer tailored to the catering trade and wholesaling, which comes directly from the manufacturer. Convince yourself of the high quality range and comprehensive services!