What are the worst laws in the United States

America's ten craziest laws

Honestly, I really try my best not to conflict with the law. Living true to the law is not that easy in America. Because the laws differ from state to state, yes, sometimes even from municipality to municipality. Who should know about this?

For example, I almost took my crocodile to the famous Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. Fortunately, I read regulation number 19.314, paragraph 1, beforehand. It clearly stipulates that live crocodiles are not allowed in the parade. The law comes into force two hours before the start of the move. Even with my boa constrictor, my lizard or another reptile, I am only allowed to approach the move within 183 meters. But the regulation does not answer the most important question: Where can I get a sitter for my crocodile at this time of day?

With animals, you can quickly become a criminal offense. I've already reported on the states where it is legal to keep a tiger or lion as a pet, but it may be better to stay away from animals altogether. It is illegal to hunt camels in Arizona. Who would have thought? But birds have right of way in Arcadia, California! If I meet a peacock there, I have to give it the right of way, otherwise it could sue me. Somebody has to tell you that first! In my American driving test, this road code was not even mentioned. (The good news: The Vermont law that made it illegal to put a giraffe on a phone booth has now been repealed, so you can't park your crocodile in New Orleans, but you can park your giraffe in Vermont.)

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Another source of confusion is alcohol, literally and legally. While it is perfectly okay in Germany to have a beer on the sidewalk or by the lake, it is banned almost everywhere in America. Yes, you can't even take a bottle of beer for a walk in the back seat unpacked. (That's why the liquor stores wrap every bottle of alcohol in brown wrapping paper. With the brown bottle condom, it's suddenly legal.) These are remnants from the years of prohibition, i.e. the ban on alcohol, which, incidentally, has never been lifted in dozens of communities. That leads to absurd situations like in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Jack Daniel's distills the world-famous whiskey there and you can taste it on the terrace of the distillery, but you can't buy it anywhere in the town, because Lynchburg, the stronghold of whiskey, is a "dry community" where alcohol is prohibited still applies. But lighting a joint and smoking, even in public and while driving, is now legal in many states. Better pot than alcohol?

Kennesaw, Georgia, is not only legal but legal to have a working gun with ammunition in the household, but Kennesaw isn't the only town that has strange laws. One of the few German words that almost every American knows is "forbidden". So that you can find your way around America without coming into conflict with the law, here are the ten most important laws that you probably did not expect:

1. In Marietta, Georgia, it is illegal to spit from a car or bus on the street, but it is legal to spit from a truck. So: if you want to spit, rent a truck! In Marietta it is also forbidden for a chicken to cross a street. Please prepare your chicken accordingly for the local conditions.

2. I almost made a little extra change in Miami Beach, Florida by selling oranges on the street. If the police catch me doing this, I will be jailed for up to 30 days, according to the 1964 ordinance, Paragprah 25-67.1, paragraph 70-76.

3. No matter what you feel comfortable in at home: Liquid latex is not considered appropriate clothing in Satellite Beach, Florida! Unfortunately, tattoos and body painting also do not count as decent body covering. Female visitors in particular must observe a special regulation: they must cover at least a quarter of their breasts, otherwise they run the risk of being convicted as exhibitionists. The beach is a legally problematic area in general. It may be legal to buy an AK 47 in many states, but the police will come running when a woman takes off her bikini top on the beach. So if you think you'd rather change in a public toilet - don't, as it's illegal in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, among other places. You are not allowed to do it in the car either! Then where should I change, please?

4. No matter how tired you are from a long night at the casino, you can't lie on the sidewalk in Reno, Nevada. Otherwise you will be picked up by the sheriffs and transferred to an uncomfortable cell.

5. If you go to church in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (the no-changing place), please don't whisper. Because that's forbidden.

6. If you happen to have a funeral in Oklahoma City, remember: Don't tip the coffin under any circumstances! Disturbing the calm of the dead can land you in jail.

7. In general, courtesy is a virtue: If you are caught swearing in public in Mississippi, it will cost you $ 100. In Michigan, on the other hand, you can curse, but not within earshot of women and children. Damn it guys, it's really complicated! Speaking of swearing, you'd better do like the Americans and censor yourself. Bleep, F @ * # !, and S # * ยง!

8. If you're traveling with a teenage boy or a rapper, better not to go to Collinsville, Illinois. It is forbidden to wear saggy pants there.

9. It is illegal in Washington State to tie a vending machine to a power or telephone pole. In general, vending machines seem to enjoy civil rights: If you run into a broken vending machine in Derby, Kansas that won't give you your change, you're out of luck: hitting or kicking the machine is prohibited.

10. But there is also legal advances: In Carmel, California, it was long illegal to eat an ice cream on the sidewalk. But when Clint Eastwood (exactly, the movie star) became mayor, he overturned the law. So: eat as much ice cream as you want, where you want, vanilla, chocolate or raspberry, everything is allowed!

In general, many things are allowed in America that are forbidden in other countries. To sum up the highlights, you can arm yourself to the teeth, smoke your pear with cannabis, and then get behind the wheel with your machine guns and joints, in New Hampshire even without wearing your seat belt. In the beautiful state that hangs just below the Canadian border, seat belts are not required. Despite all the experts who show how many lives can be saved by seat belts in cars, people in New Hampshire prefer to live according to the official state motto: "Live Free or Die".

So: freedom or death? I leave the choice up to you. The main thing is that you do not commit a crime.

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