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Beck's comeback

It's November 2016. The Green politician Volker Beck is in Munich, talking to employees of an advice center for labor migration from Eastern Europe. Beck sits in a narrow room, at tables pushed together, across from the two consultants and listens to the details of their work. A fire extinguisher hangs in the corner and a Britta filter jug ​​is on the table. Black bread policy. Beck doesn't see it that way, he likes these dates. After an hour and a half, he shakes hands with both women and goes to the next appointment, a panel discussion. The next day he will fly to Düsseldorf, then in the evening Bochum, the next day Cologne, then one day later Erfurt. The city names change, but the timing remains the same.

Last year began with a drug scandal. Volker Beck was caught in Berlin on the late evening of March 1st, 2016 with about 0.6 grams of crystal meth. 24 hours later you could read about it on the front pages of the newspapers. "Grüner caught with Hitler's drug," was the headline of the Bild newspaper. Party colleagues such as Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmer spoke of "serious misconduct". The CSU member of the Bundestag Hans-Peter Uhl called on Beck to resign from his Bundestag mandate.

But Beck had made a different plan. The morning after the inspection, he developed a strategy that, in addition to an initial adequate response to the incident, included a second step: going underground. And also a third: coming back. And the plan will succeed. Beck is rehabilitated after only two months. From a legal point of view anyway: the proceedings will be discontinued in exchange for a payment of 7,000 euros. Beck is not considered to have a criminal record. Politically the same: Beck has two offices back, he is the spokesman for religious policy and migration policy spokesman for the parliamentary group of the Greens. And he becomes chairman of the German-Jewish parliamentary group again - also an office that he gave up after the drug discovery. The public also forgives him for the matter: Beck is back in talk shows, on podiums, in synagogues, community centers, churches and lecture halls. His calendar looks the same again. Packed full, tight timing.

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And yet the turbulent 2016 ended with a defeat: Beck ran for election in Oberhausen in December. He would like to get a safe place in the list for the upcoming general election - but cannot prevail. He lost with 66 votes to 188 votes to an older farmer from the Münsterland.

Why was it when you came back so well after the scandal? Has it got off too well for some?

Got away well

A year ago, the Green politician Volker Beck was caught with hard drugs, the public prosecutor was investigating. A masterpiece of political communication followed. Beck still missed his goal.

Photo: AFP