Are old giants real?

The largest skeletons. Old giants

October 24, 2013

Five meter skeleton

The fairy tales for children, legends, vintage books and manuscripts excite our imaginations through a description of the creatures of a huge size. Large skeletons from archaeological excavations are indisputable evidence of the existence of giants.

The people described more ancient historians. A thousand years ago, the Arab traveler Ibn Fadlan told of the themes of the Khazar king through the five-meter-long skeleton.

Russian vintage chronicles tell of the four-meter-tall giant - the warrior who stood on the sticker field in defense of the fatherland.

Russian writers Korolenko and Turgenev say they saw a five-meter-long skeleton in the Museum of the Swiss City of Lucerne, found in 1577 from a slab in a mountain cave.

Historical chronicles then recorded information about what was known about unusual human remains.

During construction in 1821 in the USA in the USA in Tennessee in 1885 large skeletons in the USA in Pennsylvania.

In 1971 in Queensland, a farmer swinging the field found a large fragment of a human jaw with five centimeter teeth.

However, these are not the largest skeletons.

In 1899 miners found fossil remains of satchels in almost 240 cm.

In Australia, discovered during the excavations of the race by giants called Megantropus. Mega - People had the largest skeletons on the mainland - nearly three and a half meters. It is enough to submit only in 1985 by scientists in 1985 the 67 cm of a native tooth! The owner of such a jaw lived a long time ago, almost nine million years ago.

There were similar mega-humans in China too. Fragments of the cheeks and teeth confirm the fact that such people should rise from the ground by 3-3.5 meters.

3.6 meters

Not uncommon cases of findings from the imprint of huge feet. 1979 took place 17 centimeter finger of the leg in the blue mountains. If there was a skeleton of the owner of these fingers, it would have been nearly six meters long. But three imprints of the giant steps were discovered near Malgoa. The human's feet were 60 cm long and the width of the crotch was 130 cm.

In 1877, gold killers in Nevada cut the kirk from the rock portion of the foot with the shin and knee. Size - almost a meter from knee to foot. That is, the owner of the bones would have a height of 3.6 meters.

Large human skeletons found a German scientist anthropologist Larson Kohl. In central Africa, on the banks of Lake Eliassee, he dug the fraternal burial of 12 men with an ascent of 3.5 to 3.5 meters.

There are documentary certificates from Find at the time of World War II in Poland in Poland of the human skull, in the size that exceeds the ordinary skull three times.

Part of the skull was found in the diamond patches of South Africa in 1950. The diameter of the skull box was 45 cm. It was a very old inhabitant of the planet. The age of finds nearly nine million years.

In 2008, Georgian archaeologists found the skeleton of a three-meter-tall person near the town of Borjomi.

In 2005, the funeral of people who found large skeletons in Zechara, the growth of people exceeded two meters.

120 centimeters of human bones

The fossilized 120-centimeter human bone was found in Turkey. The owner of such a leg should be five meters of growth.

In the Netherlands in the 17th century there lived a woman nicknamed "Big Maid". Her documentary growth was 254 cm. In the 19th century, the peasant Vitebsk province of Fedor Makhnov had a height of 285 cm.

There have been people who had large skeletons in recent times. Dagestan giant of the last century Osman Abdurahimianov was 207 cm, French Rena Riese 224 cm, American Robert-Pokhing WASLOE was 272 cm, basketball player Jorge Gonzalez 231 cm. Turkish farmer Sultan Caesien with 251 cm tall.

Numerous artifacts prove that in addition to humans of the giants, large animals of the same size existed.

Their large skeletons can be seen in museums around the world. At the beginning of the last century in Africa, a huge dinosaur skeleton was found. It is assembled and valued in the Berlin museum.

The largest dinosaurs - Diplabers and Futurgosaurs bypassed the size of the modern giant of the blue whale. His full-size skeleton can be seen at the Natural History Museum In Santa - Barbara (USA).

Large skeletons have representatives of the fauna who, for various reasons, "transformed their loved ones for various reasons": horse - a giant from Belgium called Radar; taller large chili cow; very large rabbit called Emmy Long 1.5 cm; the giant pig from China with a waist circumference in 2.3 inches and fourteen inches beaunt.

Incredible largest skeletons of animal birds, prehistoric dinosaurs, human footprints - giants in the world museums are an indisputable fact that the legends of giants were made from real facts, not fiction.

The legends and legends of the giants who lived in ancient times have come to this day. At first glance, so what's special? The little fairy tales came with our ancestors. But the strange thing, these fairy tales have recently found more and more confirmation.

In the media, information about strange and mysterious finds from archaeologists - huge skeletons of people occasionally appear. If they really lived on earth in ancient times, the entire scientific picture of the world and the history of human development can be viewed as incomplete or generally wrong.

Huge people: true or fictional?

In 2007, the Internet literally exploded sensational message and photographs in India skeletons of 12-meter Giants, the age of which was several thousand years. The reliability of this report adds a reference to the participation in the excavations of the archaeological group of the National Geographic Society of India. But after a while it turned out that the photographs that document the sensational find were created with the help of Photoshop. Of course, it would be possible to calm down and say there is another modern fiction exposed here. But not that easy in fact. An American researcher and paleontologist Michael Cremy in the book Unknown History of Mankind cites much evidence that seriously contradicts the established theory of human development. This data is normally shut down, it does not pass the so-called "knowledge filter", which displaces everything that does not fit into the existing picture of the world. Consider the existing facts that confirm the existence of the ancient giants.

Nakhodka archaeologists: huge mummies and skeletons of giants

Here are just a few facts archaeologists find whose authenticity could not be disproved. In 1890, a huge sarcophagus was found in Egypt that contained a mummy of a three-meter red-haired woman with a child. This discovery dated the 2nd millennium in our era. The appearance of women is very different from the appearance of the ancient Egyptians.

In 1911, mummies of giant red-haired people were found in Nevada, USA, their growth ranged from 2.5 to 3 meters. Also in the state of Nevada in 1877, the human bones of the legs, feet and knees were found from prospectuses mining gold. Based on the size of the remains, the height of the person was 3.5 meters. However, this is not the most amazing, the fossil remains of the giant were inserted into quartzite, the age of which was 185 million years old, and this was the era of the dinosaurs.

Skeletons of the giants have been found in the Caucasus, China, Central Africa, North and South America, Europe. Sometimes these finds were not only surprised by their gigantic sizes. For example, in 1936 the skeletons of people whose growth was 3.5-3.75 meters were found in the German paleontologist Lars Kol. They were found in central Africa near the Elaisi. The most amazing thing was that these people had two rows of upper and lower teeth and very beveled chins.

Australia did not remain in the territory of this wider continent, not only many gigantic remnants, but their gigantic tools of labor. In 1985 a fossilized indigenous tooth was found there, the height of which was 6.7 cm. 4.2 cm wide. The growth of the tooth owner should be 7.5 meters, and the radiocarbon analysis data determined the age, which was 9 million years old.
This is not an exhaustive list of mysterious finds. Who are these people? Old Lemurries, or Atlanta is usually a completely unknown steed of humans? Is there any way to explain their gigantic growth?

There's a pretty interesting explanation for this phenomenon. It is true, it is necessary to recognize the humans on earth and to recognize the existence of humans incomparably longer than is established by official science. Analyzing the composition of air shells in an amber, scientists thanked that the era of the dinosaurs of oxygen in the air composition was incomparably more than it is now. This composition of the atmosphere caused the intense growth of plants and animals - all that were inhabited ancient land. There is a hypothesis that there were giant people along with gigantic dinosaurs.

Giant in legends and myths

Legends about giants are present in the mythology of many nations. The entire epic bogatyr giant Svyatogor is known.

The Indian epic "Ramayan" describes its heroes as giants: the growth of the frame was 3 meters, Hanuman - 8 meters, and their enemies demons Rakshasa are described as 15-meter-BULWES.

The ancient Greeks have legends on one-eyed giant cyclops, one of them - the polyfe mentioned in Homer's "Odyssey". Of course, these are all heroes of the fabulous epic. However, modern scholars have taken a point of view that the authors of these ancient legends were very specifically thoughtful personalities who were not inclined to literary genres in the "fantasy" style. They described everything they saw, perhaps a little exaggerated.

There are confirmations of the existence of a race from giants and from less distant eras. In Georgia, the moldings are preserved from a huge jeep that lived there relatively in the 17th century. Even his huge grave has been preserved.

E.P. Blavatskaya, describing the ancient races of the Lemurians and Atlantov in the "secret doctrine", emphasizes their gigantic growth. There are the same legends in the people of Tibet. Such information can even be found by ancient Greek historians. So the FEOPOMP, which in the century BC Chr. Lived. he told about the race of the giant Meropov, who lived on large islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

So our mysterious and unpredictable world opened up another mystery. Whether humanity refuses to give up such a familiar picture of the world and realize that we actually know almost something about its origins and ancestors.

Photos of the giants (pictures can be classified):

It is necessary to immediately notice that the scientific world is making this information by all means. After all, it doesn't fit into those foundations of the world that we have described textbooks in history from childhood. Archaeological finds and ancient legends say that Rasa Giakanov lived on earth.

For a long time on the planet there are burial places, and more often the remains of dead giant people. They burrow all over the world, both on land and underwater in the seas and oceans. Another confirmation is a find in Yakutia.

A group of independent researchers has been working on this topic for many years and formed a clear picture of what was on our planet 12-20,000 years ago. But that wasn't that long ago! The growth of giants during life was from 4 to 12 meters, next to a great physical strength, they possessed phenomenal mental abilities.

Version of the late civilization of Atlanta

This is not the mysterious civilization of Atlanta alone taking into account mythical and other actual and deceased and deceased and deceased worth. Japanese scientists have already opened the remains of civilization, similar to Atlantis () by the sea.

The researchers suggest that it was this civilization of giants who built the pyramids not only in Egypt, but on the territory of the whole country. The total number of pyramids they built reaches more than 600. The construction was carried out in a strictly defined geometric sequence. The pyramids could be applied with the use of a simple technology that is in use, and now - with the help of conventional formwork. Then it turns out that the boulders were not moving long distances, but rather a permanent concrete composition was poured into wooden molds!

The purpose of the pyramid was related to space energy, the use of which we are still unknown. Later another civilization took of humans, Egyptians, who used pyramids and worshiped their gods. The Egyptians made lace for pharaohs. This is not how the Egyptians built the pyramids themselves. In essence, the pyramid remained as evidence that the rasa giants lived on earth in ancient times.

Much documentation about the Giakans has been obtained from various sources. We only give a few of them.

Facts that confirm the existence of a race of giants

  1. 1899 year. The miners of the Ruhr area in Germany discovered large fossil skeletons of people measuring 210 to 240 centimeters.
  2. 1979. In Megalong, Seal in the Blue Mountains residents found a huge stone on the surface on which the imprint of part of a huge foot with five fingers was seen. The cross loop of the fingers was seventeen centimeters. If the imprint was kept in its entirety, it would have a length of 60 centimeters. Such an imprint left a 6-meter-tall man.
  3. The Arab traveler Ibn Fadlan, who lived a thousand years ago, saw a six-meter skeleton of a man who showed him the themes of the Khazar king. The skeleton of the same size was seen by Russian classical writers, Turgenev and Korolenko when came to Switzerland. In the museum of the city of Lucerne they were told that these huge bones were discovered in the mountain cave of the Felix-Platte in 1577.
  4. Ivan Sanderson, a famous zoologist with a world name, once shared a curious story from a letter from another Alan Makshire. The author of the 1950 letter was working a bulldozer on road construction in Alaska and reported that workers discovered two huge fossil skulls, vertebrae and leg bones in one of the tombstones. The height of the skull reached 58 cm and width 30 cm. Ancient giants had double teeth and disproportionately flat heads. The vertebrae as well as the skull were three times larger than those of a modern person. The length of the bones of the leg was 150 to 180 centimeters.
  5. Obvious evidence that the Rasa Giakanov existed is the imprints of its huge hold. The most famous imprint discovered in South Africa. At the beginning of the last century he found a local farmer's relay Kettsi. The "left foot" is printed in almost a vertical wall to a depth of about 12 centimeters. Its length is 1 meter 28 centimeters. Obviously, the giant came when the breed was soft. Over time, it froze, turned into granite, and stood up vertically due to geological processes.
  6. 1950. In South Africa, a fragment of a huge skull with a height of 45 centimeters was discovered on diamond developments. Above the above arches were two strange walks that resembled small horns. Anthropologists, in the hands from whom the find came, decided the age of the skull - about nine million years.
  7. On one of the Gännian plates of ancient Babylon, it turned out that all the astronomical knowledge of the priests of the Babylonian state GiaNink in South Asia received growth over 4 meters.
  8. In South Africa on the Okovango River, the indigenous people are told about the giants living in these places in the past. In one of their legends it is said that "the giants were endowed with incredible power. With one hand they blocked the river. Their voices were so loud that they came from one village to another. If one of the giants coughed, they blow Birds like the wind. When hunting, they passed hundreds of kilometers a day, killing elephants and hippopotamuses that were easily thrown on their shoulders and attributed in the future. Their weapons were bows made of palm trees. Even the earth carried them with difficulty. "
  9. Inca's Legends say that by the time of the reign of Inki XII Ayklo Kuzo on the ocean side on land's huge roots have arrived in the countryside near great growth. Even the highest Indian gave them only to the knees. Hair giants fell on their shoulders, and faces were fabor. Some of them wore animal skins, others went completely naked. If you move along the coast they destroyed the land - after all, eaten that each of them was eaten more than you could eat 50 people.
  10. In legends about the conquest of America, the Spaniards discovered in one of the temples of Aztecs a skeleton with a growth of 20 meters. The Spaniards sent it to Papström as a present. Confirmation of the existence of such giant giants is in the history of some Whitney served by the chief archaeologist under the US government at the beginning of the 19th century. He examined the skull that was found in one of the states of Ohio. The diameter of the huge skull was 2 meters.

How can such giants exist and why did they die?

Scientists express different versions of the possibility that Race Giakanov existed on our planet. One of the hypotheses states that gravity on Earth was completely different during those times, as was atmospheric pressure. In such physical conditions, human giants could live and function normally. The death of giants could cause global catastrophe. As a result of a major catastrophe, the climatic changes that we observe in modern human history could, respectively.

"Optimal genetic development," said Bom, is when the organism put in DNA has fully developed at the expense of favorable external conditions. "

In his opinion, the ozone layer on the world flood was much thicker and after that it remained only a seventh part. A decrease in the ozone layer led to a weakening of the protection against solar radiation, which was reflected on plants and animals and, of course, on a person.

Why the facts of the existence of the race of giants are silent

With such a number of artifacts found, why are giant giant bones of giants not exhibited in any museum in the world? The only answer that some scientists find is done specifically. Unique finds that confirm the existence of a race of giants on Earth, hidden from sight, otherwise Darwin's theory of evolution would finally fall apart. People would have to change their minds about the entire history of mankind and its appearance on earth. Such a round is apparently undesirable for the scientific world.

Observe another 5 evidence of existence in the past races of the giants

This information recently appeared on the Internet: The Smithsonian Institute admitted that thousands of giant human skeletons were destroyed in the early 1900s.

The U.S. Supreme Court decided to publish the Sentian Institute of Classified documents in the early 1900s, thereby engaging the organization in an important historical concealment of evidence that revealed the vast human remains in the tens of thousands throughout America were found and have been destroyed by the order of high-ranking managers to protect the dominant chronology of human evolution that then existed.

Suspicions, coming from the American Institute of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian Institute destroyed thousands of gigantic remains of man, were accepted by the organization in the bayonets of AIAA's filing against a defamation and attempt at the Court to requested reputation of a 168-year-old institution.

According to AIAA representative JAMES CHARVORD, new information surfaced during a court case when a number of Smithsonian Institute insiders acknowledged the existence of documents believed to show the destruction of tens of thousands of human skeletons aged 6 to 12 feet in height (1, 8-3.65 m;), the presence of which traditional archeology does not want to recognize for various reasons.

Let's find out that it is more likely ...

But first we decide on such a topic: yes you are right, photos in the post is a collage and photoshop.

The human femur bone demonstration is 1.3 meters long to demonstrate the disaster bone as evidence of the existence of such gigantic human bones. This evidence anchored a hole in the protection of the institute's attorney, as the bone was stolen in mid-1930 with one of the senior curators with one of the senior curators who kept her all his life and a written acknowledgment of the operation of the Smitonic Institute in Mortals.

"It is terrible what they do to people," he writes in his letter. "We are hiding the truth about the ancestors of mankind, about the giants who inhabit the earth, mentioned in the Bible, as well as other ancient texts."

The US Supreme Court decided to let the Institute publish classifieds information on anything related to the "destruction of evidence relating to the Medowochesky culture" and items "related to human skeletons larger than usual".

"The publication of these documents will help archaeologists and historians revise modern theories about human evolution and help us understand daytime culture in America and the rest of the world," says AIAA director Hans Guttenberg.

The announcement of the documents will be appointed for 2015, and all of this will be coordinated by an independent scientific organization to ensure the political neutrality of the operation.

The historical chronicles of the XIX century are often reported on finds in different parts of the globe of the skeletons of people at an unusually high growth.

In 1821, in the United States, in the state of Tennessee, we found the ruins of an old stone wall, and under it, two human skeletons with a growth of 215 centimeters. In Wisconsin, during the building of the grain in 1879, large vertebrae and bones of the skull of "incredible thickness and size" were found, as evidenced by a newspaper note.

In 1883, several burial mounds were discovered in Utah that contained burials of very tall growth members - five feet, which is at least one foot above the average Native American growth. The latter did not make these burials and could not provide any information about them in a large gravestone in Gasterville, Pennsylvania in 1885, a stone crypt was discovered in a large gravestone mound, in which there was a height of 215 centimeters on the walls of the crypt. Primitive images of people, birds and animals were cut.

In 1899 the miners of the Ruhr area in Germany found fossil skeletons of people measuring 210 to 240 centimeters.

In 1990 in Egypt, archaeologists found a stone sarcophagus with a clay coffin inside that contained mummies of a two-meter red-haired woman and a baby. The features of the face and the addition of mummies were very different from the ancient Egyptian-like mummies of men and women with red hair were discovered in 1912 in Lovelké, Nevada, in a cave hacked into a rock. The life growth of a mummified woman was six feet, and men are about ten feet.

Australian finds

In 1930, near Basarsta, Australia, prospectors of Jasper's development often found fossil prints of large human legs. The race of giant people, the remains of which were found in Australia, anthropologists called megantropus growth of these people from 210 to 365 centimeters. Meganthropuses are similar to Giantopitekami, the remains of which were found in China, judging by the fragments of the cheeks and several teeth found, the growth of Chinese giants was 3 to 3.5 meters and the weight of 400 kilograms near the Basarst in River -Sediments were the stone artifacts of huge weight and size - batons, stops, chisels, knives and axes. Modern homo-sapiens could hardly work tools weighing 4 to 9 kilograms.

The anthropological expedition that specially studied this area in 1985, for the presence of the remains of the meguanthropes, excavations at a depth of three meters from the surface of the earth, Australian researchers, which, among other things, was an indigenous tooth height 67, and a width of 42 millimeters. The owner of the tooth should have had an increase of at least 7.5 meters in weight, 370 kilograms! The hydrocarbon analysis identified the age of the finds, which was nine million years old.

In 1971, in Queensland, in Queensland, Stephen Volker tripped his box with a large fragment of jaws with teeth five centimeters high. In 1979 in Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains, locals found a huge stone on the surface of the creek, on which the imprint of part of a huge foot with five fingers was visible. The cross loop of the fingers was 17 centimeters. If the imprint was kept in its entirety, it would have a length of 60 centimeters. From here he follows that the imprint left a man six meters tall
Three large footprints measuring 60 centimeters long by 17 - wide were found near Malgoa. The length of the GAIK crotch was measured around 130 centimeters. Traces remained in the petrified lava for millions of years, even before Homo sapiens appeared on the Australian continent (if we consider the correct theory of evolution). Huge tracks are also found in the limestone bed of the upper Maclay River. The fingerprints of these tracks are 10 centimeters long and the width of the foot is 25 centvertopter. Obviously, Australia's natives were not the first inhabitants of the continent. Interestingly, in their folklore there are legends about human giants who lived in these territories.

Other Guiga certificates

In one of the old books, called "History and Antiquity," which is now in the Oxford University Library, there is an account of finding a huge skeleton in Cumberland in the Middle Ages. "The giant buried at the depth of four meters and is in full military closure of his sword and the battle ax that rests next to him. Skeleton length 4.5 yards (4 meters) and teeth" tall man »6.5 inches (17 cm) are measured "

In 1877, near Europe in Nevada, prospectors were working to flush gold in the deserted hilly area. One of the workers accidentally noticed something sticking over the defenders of the rock. People looked at the rocks and with surprise they discovered human bones of the feet and lower legs along with a knee cup. The bone was closed in the rock, and the Kirk traders were released from the breed. Assessment of the misfortune of the discovery delivered it to Evchera, in which the rest of the leg was asked was a quartzite, and the bones themselves were painted, which gave them their fixed age. The leg was broken above the knee and was a knee joint and the entire bones of the leg and foot. Some doctors examined the bones and concluded that the leg undoubtedly belonged to a person. However, the most fascinating aspect of the find may be the size of the foot - 97 centimeters from knee to foot, the owner of this limb during life had a height of 3 meters by 60 centimeters. An even more mysterious one was the age of quartzite when a fossil was found - 185 million years ago, the era of the dinosaurs. Local newspapers in Vains reported sensations. One of the museums sent researchers to the site of the find, hoping to find the rest of the skeleton. But unfortunately nothing else was discovered.

In 1936, the German paleontologist and anthropologist Larson Kohl found the skeletons of huge people on the shores of Lake Elaisi in central Africa. 12 men buried in a fraternal grave had an increase of 350 to 375 centimeters in life. It is curious that their skulls had their chins tilted and two rows of upper and lower teeth.

There is evidence that during the Second World War in Poland a fossil skull 55 centimeters was found during the funeral shot, that is, almost three times more than a modern adult. The giant to which the skull belonged was very proportional to the features and growth of at least 3.5 meters

Skull Giakanov.

Ivan T. Sanderson, a famous zoologist and a frequent guest of a popular guest on the American show "Tonight" in the 60s, lonely with the public a curious story about the letter from some Alan Marshir. The author of the 1950 letter worked as a bulldozer on the construction of the road in Alaska, he reported that the workers were discovered in one of the tombstones two giant fossil skulls, vertebrae and leg bones. The height of the skull reached 58 cm and width 30 cm. Ancient giants had a double round of teeth and disproportionately flat heads in each skull in the upper part there was a neat round hole. It should be noted that the habit refers the skulls of babies to forcing the head, forcing the head, forcing the head, forcing the head, forcing the head in some Indian tribes existed an extended form. North America. The vertebrae as well as the skull were three times larger than those of a modern person. The length of the bones of the leg was 150 to 180 centimeters.

In 1950, in South Africa, a fragment of a huge skull with a height of 45 centimeters was discovered in the diamond development. Above the above arches were two strange walks that resembled small horns. Anthropologists, in the hands from whom the find came, decided the age of the skull - about nine million years.

There isn't fairly reliable evidence of finding giant skulls in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Almost all peoples have legends about the giants who lived on the territory of a particular country in ancient times. Armenia is no exception, but unlike other places from local stories, it is impossible to dismiss so easily. And while not all anthropologists and archaeologists believe that we are talking about a whole race of giants, and not single large copies, the attempts do not stop to discover the last refugees of our remote letters or traces of their economic activity.

So, as part of the 2011 scientific and practical expedition, a number of evidence was collected that there were enough large people, the growth of 2 or more meters inhabited some areas of Armenia.

Arzrun Ovshepyan.The director of the Goshavank Historical Complex said that in 1996, when she was standing the road through the hills, the bones were found of such a magnitude that when they wound on themselves they reached the level of the neck. Commitas Aleksanyan.A resident of Ajna village says that almost with one person, locals found a skull and bones of the legs of the legs of very large sizes. According to him: "Once it was the last autumn (2010) and 2 years ago (2009), on the territory of our village, where the grave of St. Barbara is located."

Ruben Mnatsakanyan.An independent researcher mentioned in an interview for the Glituen city program (culture TV channel) that they found very large, which were very large, the length of the entire skeleton was about 4 m 10 cm. "Skull that I carried in my hands and couldn't see in front of me any closer than two feet. This was its size. The shin was above my loin, it was about six inches out. This bone wasn't the lungs either." In 1984 the construction of a new facility was not far from Sisian. The tractor dug the foundation. Suddenly one of them threw the land of the earth, stopped. The ancient burial was opened before observers where the remains of a very tall person lay. The funeral in which the second giant was lying on the giant stones was. In front of the center of the ribs, the skeleton was covered with earth, along the body there was a sword, he held his handle, which was made of bone. Before that I thought the gigs lived lived in time. Maybe I wouldn't pay attention to that, but the sword was made out of metal as a rust layer of iron was kept all along the body.

Pavel Avetisyan. - The director of the Institute of Archeology argues that in the territory of Gyumri, in the black fortress area, large skulls were found, and even whole skeletons of ancient times that were shown to him. "I just stumbled, because the thumb of such a person would probably be thicker than my hand. I took part in the excavations myself and often filled the remains of people who were much taller than me. Certainly their growth is not called, of course, but more than 2 meters.Because the beep bone recognized or the hip bone when I kicked it on my leg was much longer. "

The bone of a person found during excavations in Armenia. Frame from the film "City of Giakanov". However, the growth of a person reached the authors' assumption, 2 meters, still did not reach the "giant"

Horanatsi shifts. (A representative of Armenian feudal historiography, lived in the 5th-early 6th century), wrote that the cities of Giakanov were also in the gorge of the Rotan River. This is a district of Syunik in the southeast of Armenia. Here, in the mountain village, in 1968 a memorial was erected to the warriors of the great patriotic war. When the apex of the Kurgans was aligned, the old graves opened with an unusual remainder. Already mentioned Vasgen Gevorgyan.: "The entire population of the village Although the skeletons were found there, there are Giants there. In particular, the warm-up of Arakelian many years ago during the earthworks saw the graves of two giants personally. This was also told by the elder of the village to whom his Father showed the exact location. Everyone who saw was very surprised at what huge people had ever lived here. There was probably their cemetery and this place should be explored. "

In the neighboring village, Tanzatap also has witnesses who told about the huge bones - the Bertovaya reached the belt of the tallest of them. This happened in 1986 when they were making terraces for fruit trees. The tractor ruined the mountainside by many meters. Because of this, very old layers turned out to be available. The tractor pail was torn off the lower panel, and then the burial itself opened, from which the present giant's bone was removed. Mikhail Ambartsumyan, at that time, personally supervised the work.

Mikhail Ambartsumian., the former head of the village: "I saw that a small hole was opened, on the sides with flat stones. There I found the bone of my leg: from knee to foot, about 1.20 cm long, I named even the driver, showed him, and he's a tall guy. We tried to see what else was in that pit, but it was too deep and it was already dark, not visible. So left. Then I found in the same pit Caras, that is, a large pitcher, but unfortunately when he tried to pull it out, it crashed. The height of Caras reached about 2 meters. "

Sometimes mammoth skulls are found which, thanks to their structure, are often used for the "single-eyed skulls". Hakobyan sledge.A resident of Wasserwasser mentioned that somehow once decided to break the concrete floor on the balcony under a pillar, under a pillar, to pour concrete again and poke the beam. When the concrete broke, they discovered a flat stone underneath, and a pit was discovered under the stone. "And in the pit found a skull, one-eyed, the eye on the forehead, the mouth and a small hole from the nose, very small. And there were still legs, very long, both together almost 3 meters. From the bottom up to the belt length reached 3 m. Delivery from the pit. My husband was recommended to find the find in the museum. He took the skull, I do not know the rest, if it was finished or not. "This suggests that the bones mammoths or other animals could be mistaken for human bones.

With a cited film "City of the Gagans" and the scandal is also connected, the leading researcher of the Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, d.i., k.b.n. Maria Borisovna Mednikova. He turned around with an open letter for the culture TV channel, stating that her words were tightened in the film as it was an opponent of the existence of the "race of giants". As a result, the broadcast started without broadcasting the interview. Generally M.B. Mednikova expressed very interesting thoughts, which indicates that the so-called "high-alinoic type" of man has always been "on the head up" of his husband. And the Caucasus, and the territory of Armenia are one of the deep centers of depth, so the appearance here is higher than the average degradation of time, people - a completely normal phenomenon.

Exaggerate the finds of human skeletons, vastly exceeding the dimensions that can imagine that modern science was still constantly in special stone cauldrons with great honors as their compatriots who did not touch the garbage of all the genetic benefits of "high-altitude" ?

By the way, I can clarify the story for example this photo:

First, the scandalous photo was applied with no details. They only appeared in the Indian magazine Hindu Voice in 2007.

Where the correspondent said the skeleton of a giant growth of 18 meters in northern India was discovered during the excavations organized by the National Geographical Society, its Indian branch and the support of the Indian Army.

The publication emphasized that clay slabs with inscriptions were found along with the skeleton. And from them it followed that the giant was part of the race of Supernuts mentioned in Mahabharata (Mahabharata) - the Indian epic 200 to our era.

The editor of the magazine is a Sonderan-P. Deivamuthu - then apologized then to the national geographic society, sends a letter. Saying led to the facts obtained by sources which, as it became apparent, did not deserve the trust.

But there was no more thirst for knowledge. Information about the "Indian Nakhodka" climbed from all Internet loopholes with a new force. And of course together with the photo of the giant.

In short, the public suspects a certain conspiracy. And she's right. There was indeed a conspiracy. It was reorganized in 2002.

Such skeletons are full

As the investigation has shown, a photo of a specially designed "Indian skeleton" was taken by an art Photoshop specialist from Canada Somo Ironkite. But not bad intentions for the sake, but rather the way of participating in the annual competition called "Archaeological Anomalies 2". If the author was awarded a third place (which works were marked by the first and second prizes, it is not possible to determine now - access to the competition is closed). Participants were offered to make great archaeological find. That some have been very talented. And it fell on fertile ground - many have no doubt that the giants lived on earth.

Ironkite, compiled by mail in national geographic news with only highly artistic goals, and with the subsequent Durlinkam has no relation. However, the name does not want to reveal. From sin.

The original image was discovered, which served as the ostensible backdrop and archaeological entourage for the skeleton. The image was made in New York Hyde Park in 2000 on the site of real excavations. A mastodont skeleton - a prehistoric relative of an elephant - was discovered here.

With regard to the "Indian skeleton of the giant" only one thing remained unclear: Whose bones played its part?

And to the pioneer of Ironkit, it appears that trailers have been stretched. And now the internet is full of huge skeletons.

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People giants. How do you think this is a myth or a reality? In the article we analyze the finds and comparable to the facts that help to unlock this mystery or very close to the result.

The existence of giants is attested by the finds of bones of unusual sizes around the world, as well as myths and legends that live mainly among the American Indians. However, scientists have never considered the collection and analysis of this evidence significantly. Probably because the presence of giants was impossible to consider.

Book of Being (chapter 6, verse 4) reads: "At that time they were gigid on earth, especially as the sons of God began to step into the daughters of God and they began to build them. They are strong, sincere, nice people."


The most famous of the giants described in the Bible is the warrior Goliath from GEF. Samuel's book says that Goliath was defeated by shepherd sheep David, who later became the king of Israel. Goliath, according to the biblical description, had a height of more than six elbows, that is, three meters.

Its military equipment weighed about 420 kg, and the mass of the metal tip reached 50 kg. There are many stories about the giants who were afraid of rulers and leaders. Greek mythology tells of Unentselades - giant who fought Zeus and was amazed with lightning and with a volcanic ethna.

In the fourteenth century in Trapani (Sicily), the skeleton of the intended Polyfem, one-eyed King of Cyclops, was discovered 9 meters long.

The Delaware Indians say the people in Eyes lived east of Mississippi, which did not allow them to enforce their lands. Announced the war and yet forced to leave the premises.

Siu's tribe had a similar legend among the Indians. In Minnesota, where they lived, the racing giants appeared who, after they said, destroyed them. The giants' bones are probably still in this land.


At Mount Sri Pad in Sri Lanka there is a deep imprint of the male foot of huge sizes: It is 168 cm long and 75 cm wide! Legend has it that this is a trace of our ancestor - Adam.

This Nakhodka speaks the famous Chinese navigator Zheng er in the 16th century:

"The mountain is on the island. It is so high that its summit pulls the clouds out, and it appears to be the only imprint of the male leg. The indentation in the rock borders two chi, and the foot length is more than 8 chi. Here they say that this trail left the sacred A-tanner, the pound of humanity. "

Giants in different countries

In 1577, huge human bones were found in Lucerne. The authorities quickly convened scientists who, under the guidance of the famous anatomist of Dr. Felix-Platz from Basel to work together that this is a man who is 5.8 meters away!

36 years later, France found its own giant. His remains were found in the grotto near Shomon Castle. This man had an ascent of 3 feet! A Gothic inscription "Tintobochtus Rex" was found in the cave, as well as coins and medals that make you believe I was able to recognize the Skeleton King Kimvrov.

Europeansstarted studying South America, too told of people with great growth. The southern part of Argentina and Chile was named by Magellan Patagonia from the Spanish "pata" - hoof because there were marks that resemble large hooves.

1520 the Magellan expedition Into the port of San Julian with a giant whose appearance was recorded in the magazine: "This man was so tall that we only took him by our belt and his voice sounded like the roar of a bull." The people of Magellan, who probably managed to catch two giants caught in chains on the deck, did not survive the voyage. But because their bodies were terribly stuck, they were thrown overboard.

British explorer Francis Drake argued that in 1578 in South America he fell into a battle with giants, the growth of which was 2.8 meters. Drake lost two people in that battle.

More and more researchers met in their giants and the number of documents on the subject grew.

In 1592, Anthony Ruhig concluded that famous giants grew by an average of 3 to 3.5 meters.

Man-Giant - Myth or Reality?

When, however, Charles Darwin He arrived at Patagonia in the 19th century, not found by the giants and a trace. Earlier information was dropped as it was very over the top. However, the Giants stories continue to flow from other regions.

Incas requestedWhat. people huge At regular intervals the clouds descended to live with their wives.

Very often it is difficult to tell the difference between a very tall person and a giant. For a pigment man with an increase of 180 cm is likely to be a giant. Nevertheless, anyone who gains more than two meters must be counted on the categories of giants.

It was the same irendian patrick cutter. He was born in 1760 and died in 1806. He was known for his height and earned a living speaking in circuses and masses. His growth was 2 meters 56 centimeters.

Lived in the US at the same time Paul Banyan - Lesorbwhat there are many legends. After them, he kept the moose as pets, and when one day was attacked by a buffalo, it was easy on their neck. Contemporaries argued that Banyan's growth was 2.8 meters.

There is also a very interesting document in the English archives, namely the "History and Antiquity of the Allergel". This work is a collection of folk songs, legends and stories about Cumberland and tells in particular about the opening in the Middle Ages the remains of great sizes:

"The giant was buried at a depth of 4 meters in a place where there is agricultural land, and the grave was marked by a stone installed vertically. The skeleton was 4.5 meters long and it had full arms. The sword and the ax were dead near him. The sword was over two feet long and 45 inches wide. "

IN Northern Ireland there are 40,000 closely spaced conical columns with convex and concave ends that are considered natural formations. However, ancient legends say that these are the remains of a colossal bridge that linked Ireland and Scotland.

In the spring of 1969 excavations were carried out in Italy and 50 lined coffin stones were discovered in nine kilometers south of Rome. They had no names or other inscriptions. They all contained all the skeletons of men in two to three inches. Very high, especially for Italy.

Archaeologist, Dr. Luigi Kabalucci said people died between the ages of 25-40. Her teeth were in amazing condition. Unfortunately, the date of the burial and the circumstances in which it occurred has not been established.

Where do the giants come from?

The number of finds increased and in different countries. But the most intriguing question is "where appears people huge"It remains unanswered.

The French writer Denis Sora formulated a fascinating version. Reflecting on what could happen if another heavenly body began on earth, to the conclusion that the effect of such an event would be a sharp increase in the gravity of our planet.

Entry would be stronger, and that means flooding of countries. Another, lesser known consequence of such a state of affairs would be giantism of plants, animals, and humans. The latter would reach 5 meters. According to this theory, the size of living organisms increases along with increasing radiation, in this case the cosmic.

"Radiation radiation, including cosmic, is likely to have two effects: it causes mutations and damage or transforms tissue. Some representations of the theory and the effects of radiation on growth may be the events of 1902 in Martinique, where a volcanic eruption occurred. Mount-Pele, which killed 20,000 people in St. Pier.

Immediately before the eruptions began, a purple cloud consisting of a dense gas and water vapor was formed over the volcanic crater. It has grown to an unprecedented size and is spreading across the island, whose residents are not yet known about the threat.

Suddenly a fiery post 1,300 feet high shot out of the volcano. The cloud that was burned from the fire at temperatures above 1000 degrees. All the residents of St. Pierre died except for one who was sitting in a prison chamber protected by thick walls.

The ruined city has never been restored, but biological life on the island has been reborn faster than expected. Plants came back and, but they were much more now. Dogs, cats, turtles, lizards, and insects were more than ever, and each next generation was higher than the previous. "

The French authorities have put at the foot of the scientific station and soon found that mutations in animals and plants were the result of radiation from minerals drained during volcanic eruptions.

This radiation also affected people: Dr. Jul Gravis, head of the research center, grew 12.5 cm, and his assistant Dr. Pouen was 10 cm. It was found that the irradiated plants grew three times faster and after six months reached the level of development that would take two years in normal conditions.

A lizard named as a police officer who so far reached 20 cm long became 50 cm long into a small kite, and its bite, which was previously harmless, became more dangerous than poison cobra.

The strange phenomenon of the abnormal elevation disappeared when these plants and animals were transported from Martinique. On the island of Appoge Radiation, it became attainable within 6 months of the explosion, and then its intensity slowly began to return to normal levels.

Is it possible that something happened once (perhaps on a larger scale) as it did in the past? Increased doses of radiation could contribute to the formation of unusually large organisms. This theory finds some support in the fact that large animals existed on Earth long after the dinosaurs became extinct.

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