Can I answer all of my questions

Using Questions and Answers in a Whine Group

You can post questions in a "whine" group, and the question poster or a group administrator can mark the best answer to a question. The best answer shows up just below the question, making it easy to get the information you need.

Post a question

All group members can post a question.

On the desktop app or on the web, click:

  1. Choose the question by type.

  2. Enter your question, then click Post.

On a mobile device:

  • Click the Question icon at the bottom of the screen.



Answer a question

All group members can answer a question.

  • To answer a question, just answer it.

Mark an answer as the best answer

The person who posted the question and any Administrators group can mark an answer as the best answer. For questions in the All Business group, Network Administrators and Verified Administrators can mark one answer as the best answer.

  • In the message options, under Reply, select mark best answerout. If the Mark best answerIf you don't see it, it means you don't have permission to mark the message as the best reply.

    The message is saved as a best answerand is pinned directly below the question. If there are other answers, a link will appear that you can click to read.

    Tip: If a better answer is posted, select the option in the new best answer best answerout. If you do not think the current best answer is best and the question is still unanswered, select the option on the wrong or wrong answer best answercancel off.

See who marked an answer as the best answer.

Hover your mouse over the best answer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: can I mark more than one answer as the best answer?

A: No, only one message can be selected. If a better answer is posted, the question poster or a group admin can change which message is marked as the best answer. In this case, you should post a new answer that includes all of the suggested multiple answers and mark it as the best answer.

Q: can I change a normal message to a question?

A: No, you cannot change a message to a question or a question about a message.

Q: Can I create a group that only has questions and no regular messages or announcements?

On a. As a group administrator, use the Info and Announcements section to notify group users. If necessary, you can also remove non-question posts and replace them with questions.

Q: can I use questions and answers in my live events?

A: Yes. For more information, see Drive Engagement in a Whine Live Event.

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