What date is google maps

How can I find out when a certain Google Streetview scene was filmed?

I think it is very interesting to know when Google Streetview took the respective photo, if looking at picturesque streets. In the linked example, it would give me an impression of possible snow conditions at a specific location at a specific time of year.

Is it possible to find out the (approximate) date this scene was recorded for? If yes how?


At the bottom of the street view there is a small text that says "Image date: March 2011" (via the link you provided). However, I cannot confirm that it relates to the date the Street View picture was taken Very likely as there are no other pictures to relate to.

I hope this helps give an approximate date the picture was taken and it seems pretty accurate.

Street View since April 2014

  1. shows the date the picture was taken on the ground, for example,
  2. In the upper left corner there is a clock symbol labeled "Like" and "Like"
  3. When you click the clock icon, you can choose from the available recording dates.

See time travel with Street View.

Check out the top left corner of a Street View scene:

Street View - October 2017

As well as the lower left corner:

Image taken: Oct. 2017

In the street view, go to a location that has a marquee tent with the date on it, e.g. B. to a bank or gas station.

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