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Common misspellings - this morning

The incorrect spelling of the often used phrase "this morning" is one of the most persistent spelling mistakes in the German language. The correct and incorrect spelling of this word structure are shown below:

this morning | This morning
Confusing: "tomorrow morning", but "this morning":

The word combination "this morning" represents a time of day, which consists of the time adverb "today" and the noun "tomorrow" in the sense of "tomorrow". Just like tomorrow in "this morning", in all other word compounds that indicate a time of day, the adverbs of time are capitalized and the nouns are capitalized. So it is correctly spelled "tonight", "tomorrow morning", "the day after tomorrow afternoon" or "yesterday noon" and "tonight". Theoretically one can, even if this is hardly used in everyday and colloquial language, namely also write or say "this morning" or "tomorrow morning", whereby the preposition "am" as a short form of "an dem" is undoubtedly a noun demands.

Until 1996, all of these times of the day, which consist of a time adverb and a noun, were written in lower case without exception. So it was rightly said both "this morning", as well as "tomorrow morning", "the day after tomorrow afternoon" and so on. In this context, the phrase "tomorrow morning" presents itself as an exception, which leads many writers to write the nouns of such word structures in lower case. Actually this means "tomorrow morning", but since such a duplication of the word "tomorrow" does not make much sense, "tomorrow morning" has prevailed as an alternative. Although "die Früh" also exists as a noun in Austrian and Bavarian, the "early" in "tomorrow morning" is an adjective and must therefore be written in lower case as such. In the phrase "tomorrow in the morning", which has the same meaning as "tomorrow morning", the morning must be capitalized as a noun as in "this morning".

"This morning", "in the morning" or "in the morning":

The word, which describes the early hours of the day between six and ten o'clock, and therefore the time at which we start our everyday lives, can be capitalized and small depending on the form in which it is used. If you can't remember that it always has to be "this morning", you can switch to the reliably lowercase "morning". However, this cannot be combined with the exact specification of "today".

Examples of correct application
  • This morning early in the morning the weather was still rainy.
  • But this morning there was still no letter in the mailbox.
  • The new supermarket on Berlinerstrasse was this morning opened.
Synonyms: this morning
  • this morning, in the morning, early in the morning