Why do teenagers wear diapers

Reasons why teenagers are wearing diapers again

Dear parents. In my article “Children back into the baby phase” I reported on a phenomenon in children who fall back into a kind of “baby phase”. You behave like a baby, want to wear diapers again, want to be fed and talk in baby language. The idea is sweet, but annoying for many parents and a real nightmare. This mostly occurs in young children. Occasionally in older children and even in adolescents. In most cases the interest disappears. The reason why children and adolescents wear a diaper can have various reasons.
Many parents worry and often react in panic and rashly when their own child is caught in diapers again or when the diaper hiding place is discovered. Maybe you found a used diaper in the garbage can. It is quite normal for you to want to talk to your son or daughter. How you do it is entirely up to you. Either in a quiet conversation or maybe your child will reveal themselves through a letter. Teenagers are known to have a hard time talking to parents about sensitive topics such as diapers. Your child may also be embarrassed because diapers are taboo. You should therefore approach this carefully and wait for the right moment.
Many parents think they may have done something wrong when they brought up the child or that they did not control their child's Internet use. Don't worry, neither the toilet training nor the possible consumption of porn has impaired the child's mental development in such a way that they suddenly take up diapers. Perhaps the offspring got the diapers just for protection in order to prevent embarrassing moments. Although bed-wetting is not that common in older children, it should not be ruled out and help should be offered. However, your child should not be forced to see a doctor so as not to disturb the relationship. However, a urologist should not be put on the back burner so that the syndrome can still be cured or at least alleviated. What many do not know. Bed-wetting can also be triggered by stress at school or due to depression. Diseases such as diabetes or ADHD also tend to wetting the bed, and children of divorce are usually also prone to this.
However, the child does not necessarily have to have a health problem. A diaper can also be of practical use. The toilet visits are reduced and you have more time. As with some professional groups, diapers are now part of the equipment for gamers. In the meantime, a game developer even offers its own diaper. A trend among young people is also to use a diaper at concerts and events when a good place has to be given up by going to the toilet. At some point everyone has to go to the bathroom. Drinking less is not a good alternative.
However, there is another reason why children who are actually out of the diaper age are reaching for the diaper again. For some people, diapers have become a fad. We are talking about the diaper fetish. Boys in puberty are very eager to experiment and want to try out different sexual experiences. This also applies to girls. The fetish can be triggered by bed-wetting or based on childhood memories. Over time you can get used to everything. The scene is quite large and diverse.
Most parents probably have no clue what a diaper fetish is. Never mind. I'll explain it to you in a nutshell. There are several variations of the diaper fetish. The pure diaper wearers who just like to wear diapers and also want to use them are called diaper lovers.
The pronounced form is called Teenbaby (adolescent baby) and the adult form is called Adult Baby. You like to put yourself in the shoes of a toddler and behave like that. There is usually no sexual desire to have other children. Because they are too young to have sexual intercourse due to their age. Passion can develop into a complex form of life over time. Aside from diapering, feeding with baby bottles or breastfeeding, speaking in baby language and playing with baby toys may also be involved. In the ABDL scene there really isn't anything that doesn't exist. Even furniture such as high chairs, changing tables or cots for taller people.
Even if your child just likes to wear the diaper and acts like a baby, there does not necessarily have to be a sexual desire, even if it should not be ruled out. For most of them, security, protection and care play an important role. In the case of auto epiophilia or “adult baby syndrome”, on the other hand, sexual instincts play a major role. Although the disease is recognized as a mental disorder, no study has yet been able to explore its exact causes and risk factors. Your child's auto epiophilia has no effect on everyday life and is quite harmless. It is also more likely to be lived out within one's own four walls. In most cases, neither parents nor best friends know about your child's preferences. A connection to other disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders are relatively rare.
It becomes worrying, however, when teenage children become interested in toddlers who usually still wear pampers. Some also steal used baby diapers from garbage cans. This could quickly be interpreted in the direction of pedophilia and has little in common with the actual diaper fetish. However, the possession of files where children can be seen in pampers, pacifiers and rompers is a bit of a problem. Such pictures and videos fall in the direction of child pornography. In this country this is usually punished with a fine or with a prison sentence, which is usually suspended. Not only are the penalties extremely high, but a house search can also be uncomfortable. Your child should always be informed about the current legal situation. This can be looked up in the Civil Code under Section 184.
Parents are well helped if they accept the child's diapers. However, simply disposing of the diapers and prohibiting it is the wrong approach. Your child could always buy new diapers. There are children and adolescents who may deliberately want to be caught in diapers by their parents. Maybe it was a possible cry for help. The main reason could also be a protest and seeking a cure for relief. For example, the separation of the parents, the new girlfriend of the father or maybe bullying at school. Perhaps your child will not come to terms with the situation alone, whether health or fetish.
Sometimes there is also fashion among teenagers that you don't quite understand. Back then, pacifiers adorned girls' school bags. Some even started again with the pacifiers. However, that quickly went out of style. As hard as it sounds for parents, a teenager's sexual experimentation is a part of personality development. Diapers are at least half as bad as alcohol and smoking.
However, a psychologist should be your last resort. He can help your child deal with the matter better. Nobody has to be ashamed in diapers. No matter what the reason for wearing them. For most of them it remains just an aid. For others, it's a toy too. Whether bed-wetting or diaper fetish, maybe you see things with different eyes and accept your child as it is. A happy child is much nicer than an unsatisfied one.