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10 books that changed my life - personal development

Welcome to a new post on the subject of personality development. Today it's about reading and personal development, that is, personal development. Here you will find my best Book recommendations and Books in the area Personality development.

How it started with my personality development

Personally, I love reading (even if it has unfortunately been neglected lately) and I love growth and Further development. It all started in my childhood when I was already a bookworm and devoured books. However, they were horse books and books by girls who danced ballet haha.

2013 I somehow came across podcasts and then straight to books in the field Personality developmentrecommended by the (American) podcasters. My biggest challenge at the time was just my self-doubts, my negatives Way of thinking and I wanted to finally get one strong self-esteem build up. Easier said than done, but when I do something, I get ambitious

Reading a book is like getting closer to a person, celebrity, or scientist that you normally don't reach out to. Sure, you can't have a conversation now, but don't we all have some role models and people to inspire us? A book offers us insight in their Way of thinking and in their intelligent Tips and tricks and experience. After all, we learn most from experiences that another person has had and then passes on to us (at a reasonable price). So cool, right?

I have one more tip for you before we get to the books. Do you hear Podcasts? Podcasts are like mini-books, which often offer valuable tips or great entertainment. When I don't have the time (or inclination) to read, I listen to the authors' podcasts. You can find my podcast at Itunes, Spotify and for Android in the CastBox or Stitcher app - under the names "Foxi Mind - inner strength, achieving goals & serenity".

10 personal development books that changed my life

1. Awaken the giant with - Tony Robbins

THE Personal development coach bad! This book probably got me out of one of my deepest phases. This book goes a lot deeper and it's absolutely fascinating. I've learned so much after the first few pages, because every page is full of information. My book is painted and full of post-its and has already inspired me for a few blog posts. It is a little harder to read because there is so much content in it, but it is still super understandable because Tony Robbins has a very direct (and somewhat hard) way of explaining things.

I think that's good, because there is no long talk, but the tips and content can really be implemented. I definitely recommend watching a few videos of him on Youtube, they are very instructive and as soon as you get to grips with his work you notice: He really has a clue and countless years of experience!

2. I AM THAT GIRL by Alexis Jones

I recommend this book to pretty much everyone Womenwho are still looking for books in the field of personality development and are currently working on Beginning stand. This is about the topic Self-confidence, self-love and courage.

It's just the perfect book for all girls, especially those starting out. It is the first book that I recommend and that I have already given to my best friends. The book is written in English (is also available in German), but very easy to understand and it is extremely easy and quick to read. By women for women - who else understands us best except other women? Alexis Jones describes how she found her passion, encourages other women to do the same and her friends keep telling little personal stories that one can often identify with. Very basic, ideal for getting started, encouraging, motivating and wonderfully told.

"When you shine the brightest you make the world and those around you better." - Alexis Jones


I think the basic idea is great. Gretchen Ruby writes about her own "Happiness Project" and would like to change the way you think and act within a year. Every month she focuses on something new. There are valuable inputs and she also talks about when things don't go that way and what it is like in “reality”, so to speak, when you are working on such a project or on your own personality. In my opinion, the book could have been shortened a bit. I prefer it short and sweet and when there is not too much discussion around the bush. I still think the core of the story is good!

4. WINNER'S LAWS - Bodo Schäfer

Short. Close. In a nutshell. Absolutely. Top. I gave this book to my brother and my best buddy because its target audience (apparently) are men. I think the book is just as good for women, and especially recommended for beginners. There are so many practical tips for everyday life that you can also apply and try out. Very suitable for beginners in this area.

"It is better to start imperfectly than to wait perfectly." - Bodo Schäfer

5. Motivation Manifesto - Brendon Burchard

This book is really written in a very special way, but it will take your personal development to the next level! About 2 years ago I came across the American trainer at the right time Brendon Burchard and have been absolutely thrilled ever since.

The book itself does not necessarily contain specific tips that can be implemented in everyday life. It “only” provides inspiration, but in a very good way. It's about the declaration of your personal power. Special areas of life are delisted where we could all simply give more, but often neglect. This book is even recommended by the duchess and actress Meghan Markle.

You can find the book here.

6. High Performance Habites - Brendon Burchard

If you're looking for books on personal development, it probably means you to the next level want to jump. Tadaa! Here is the book for it!

This book, as the title suggests, is about them Habits by high performers, i.e. people who are in the top of their field. So it's not just about how to think should, but above all what one do to get to the next level. Brendon Burchard has researched high performance for the past few years, conducted surveys with the people who are the best in their field and now summarized the top 6 habits in the book.

The habits include: After clarity strive brave act the influence enlarge and much more.

This book helped me when I already had a good level of confidence. It's really about being top in your field and that's why I recommend it to everyone who ambitious want to have specific tips and want to go their own way.

You can find the book here.

7. Powerful Mind - Klara Fuchs

Mental training and personality development, focus Self-confidence, motivation, aims to reach, Increase habits and energy levels. It's even a smaller part of it training, with exercises, relaxation & Recipes available.

In Powerful Mind you will find very specific exercises to increase your self-confidence and a complete chapter to achieve your goals. These exercises can actually be implemented in everyday life and are very realistic.

Everything is connected here that you will not find in any other health book: there is a lot of value on the mental component because how many have already dieted, failed and then pulled themselves down. This is where the fight for your self-doubts is announced and it's about the long term healthy habits instead of losing a few pounds quickly. To the questions: "How do I stay motivated longer? How can I achieve my goals? How can i love myself How should I train properly and eat properly? " - you can find an answer here.

A very good book, especially for women who are new to the field and want to develop. 🙂

You can find the book here.

8. The subtle art of not giving a fuck - Mark Manson

"In my life, I have given a fuck about many people and many things. I also have not given a fuck about many people and many things. And those fucks I have not given have made all the difference. ”- Mark Manson

It's a bit like Tony Robbins' book. However, as the title suggests, it is about worrying less senseless thoughts and focusing more on important things. His way of writing is like the title: to the point, hard, nothing is described nicely. But that's exactly what I like. It is not long talked around the bush, but Mark Manson expresses what we presumably often think to ourselves.

The point here is not to sh * t everything, but to push your fears and your ego aside and make a mistake instead of constantly being afraid of what might happen.

You can find the book here.

9. Ego is the enemy - Ryan Holiday

If you know all the answers, you won't ask any more questions. And sooner or later it fails because of it. The bigger the ego, the bigger the feeling arrived to be, enough to have learned. And exactly that preventedthat we continue to educate ourselves, learn, stay open. Ryan Holiday analyzes many great and historical personalities, how they became successful and crashed at the top. Your own obstacle is and was: your own ego!

We all want recognition, maybe success and fame as well. Which is partly okay. But here it becomes clear: The focus must not ONLY be on that. The master loves the work, and therefore creates masterpieces. The master is always looking for ways to improve his skills, to carry out the individual steps better. The focus should be on the activity itself, on creating, on learning, on joy, humility.

I think it has happened to all of us that we have given priority to our ego (at least it has happened to me) and therefore the book is ideal for staying grounded and gaining new perspectives.

You can find the book here.

10. 6 pillars of self-esteem - Nathanial Brendan

A very good book if you want to increase your confidence. Nathanial Brendan is an expert in the field and in this book you will learn how your self-esteem is created, how you can increase your self-esteem and what the most important components are, the 6 pillars.

The book helped me a lot and I learned a lot from it. It is about topics such as accepting yourself, taking responsibility, acting consciously and much more.

Bonus: More books on personality development

11. Push - Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson I have been following for a long time or have been listening to your podcast for a very long time. This book is mainly about the topic set goals and achieve goals. How do you set goals? (Warning, it's not about the classic SMART formula) How do you get there? If you are primarily interested in this topic and if you are looking for new approaches, then you have come to the right place. The topic of fitness is also included and many tips relate to goals and habits in the health sector.

12. Confidence is beautiful - Workbook

Here I would like to briefly introduce you to my workbook and my online course, the Project Me Academy. The Project Me Academy is a 5 week online course that is about the Self-confidence to increase and more relaxed to be able to get all of his aims can reach, find oneself and happier will and therefore also Relationships and the Life improve. There is a workbook for the course, in which you will find daily exercises that will help you. This course is like a summary of almost all of the books in this article. 🙂

Project Me Academy came about because I had an eating disorder, constantly doubting myself, not knowing what to do with my life, and constantly being afraid of what others would think of me. Through years of personal development and mental training, I found myself, am self-confident and now know the feeling when you trust yourself, give it your all and leave the old behind. I wanted to pass on this great feeling of satisfaction and have been working as a mental trainer ever since. 🙂

If you are curious, please have a look here drop by or write me an email [email protected]