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Many companies initially use mobile apps internally. Whether in marketing, operations, IT or finance, as soon as mobility becomes a priority for you, you will quickly see how great the potential of mobile apps is for your business.

How about an app for inspections, for example, with which defective components can be photographed and reordered immediately based on the image or registered for repair? An app for personnel onboarding is also conceivable, which automates the acquisition, training and planning of the induction of new employees. Or would your sales team benefit from a quote creation app that moves leads through the pipeline faster and increases their quality in the process?

The advantages for customer service are obvious: a shared mobile app with connection to an online platform enables employees around the world to track and resolve problems, whether on site or in the call center. If you also make a version of this mobile app available to your customers, they can also report problems on their own.

The path to such a variety of apps in the work environment is not difficult. The Salesforce Platform is a suite of point-and-click tools that can be used to create apps at lightning speed. Together with the Salesforce1 Mobile App - a ready-to-use, high-performance mobile app with which you can manage your entire business via your smartphone - you get a central platform on which you can network all areas of your company on the go.