What does an owl symbolize in mythology

Power animal owl - guardian of the night

While the owl was associated with magic and witchcraft in the European Middle Ages, it had a completely different status in other cultures.

Whether with the Indians, in shamanic cultures or in ancient China - everywhere the owl was seen as a border crosser between the worlds. A sharp eye, excellent hearing and a silent flight: the owl is blessed with many abilities that are also directly related to the power animal of the same name.

The special magic of the owl spirit animal

Owls have a number of amazing abilities. They can turn their head up to 270 degrees - the animal can then simply look over its opposite shoulder without any body movement. In addition, owls have excellent eyes and hearing. And because they are nocturnal hunters who strike silently, owls have always had an aura of mystery and specialty: In ancient Greece, for example, the little owl was the attribute of the goddess Athena, whose image was even embossed on numerous coins.

The power of animal spirits: the owl power animal and its meaning

Power animals protect and accompany us. They can help us in situations in which we can no longer see a way out. Some power animals accompany us throughout our lives, but there are also power animals that only stand by us in a certain phase of life.

  • wisdom
  • Insight
  • intuition

These are the three key words that best symbolize the quality of the owl spirit animal. The owl is indeed a perfect observer who glides elegantly and silently through the night. Her calm and at the same time engaging gaze always seems to look very closely at everything - and at the same time to always go into the interior, the hidden and the deep. So it's no wonder that the owl, like hardly any other creature, stands for wise powers, the unconscious and immense knowledge: and knowledge is known to be power.

Power animal owl and their messages

When the owl comes to us as a spirit being, we can learn these valuable and spiritual insights from it:

  • The eyes of an owl are perfect for hunting in the dark - the sharp eye of the owl as a symbol for a special look behind the scenes in certain areas.

  • The owl beats its prey with a breathtaking sense of the right moment - the owl's hunting instinct as a symbol of trusting our own intuition.

  • In many cultures the owl is associated with wisdom - the stimulus for us to share our experiences and insights with others.

  • Owls are creatures of the night and have optimally adapted sensory organs - the invitation to us to consciously listen inside.

As a night bird, the owl is a master of the hunt. Their noiseless flight, perfect hearing and excellent eyesight ensure that owls can beat their prey silently. The owl spirit animal shows us how to activate our discernment and when to listen to our intuition. The owl power animal also shows us ways into the deeper layers of our consciousness and how we can pass on our knowledge.


We have put together an overview of the most important power animals and their meaning for you:

  • Power animal eagle: Clarity, freedom and daring
  • Bear spirit animal: Life force, courage and instinct
  • Owl spirit animal: Wisdom, insight and intuition
  • Deer power animal: Self-respect, independence and charisma
  • Power animal cobra: Healing power, change and elegance
  • Horse power animal: Sensuality, dynamism and freedom
  • Raven spirit animal: Play instinct, intelligence and foresight
  • Wolf spirit animal: Community, tactics and knowledge
  • Power animal fox: intelligence, camouflage and fertility
  • The power animal cat: self-determination, gentleness and intuition
  • Tiger spirit animal: life force, instinct and individualism
  • Power animal swan: love power, loyalty and transformation
  • Butterfly power animal: joy, lightness and transformation
  • Spider spirit animal: Femininity, creativity and infinity
  • Deer power animal: grace, alertness and instinct
  • Squirrel spirit animal: flexibility, balance and vision
  • The rabbit power animal: intuition, transformation and adaptability
  • Blackbird power animal: daring, lust for life and serenity
  • Leo power animal: strength, serenity and loyalty
  • Power animal dove: confidence, harmony and peace
  • Elephant power animal: wisdom, steadfastness and tradition
  • Power animal bat: rebirth, communication and intuition
  • Power animal frog: purification, transformation and fertility
  • Spirit animal dragonfly: lightness, silence and agility
  • Dog power animal: loyalty, love and confidence
  • Ladybug power animal: sensitivity, joy and hope
  • Power animal stork: cosmopolitanism, change and growth

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