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The most important international startup events for 2018

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So you can do both and find out about the latest trends and topics on the stages of international startup conferences, fairs and festivals before your vacation. If you don't yet know where to go, this list of the most important international startup events may help you plan your educational and vacation trip. And don't forget, these business trips can of course also be tax-deductible!

January 2018

The first month will probably be used to prepare for the trips and many startup events this year, because there are no international events yet. If you are bored, you can look out for national and regional events here. Or you can start planning the upcoming events from February and the first half of 2018.

February 2018

February 8th - 9th: Tech Chill, Riga (Latvia)

In February, the international startup events start with the Tech Chill, because founders, startups, entrepreneurs and makers from the Baltic and European scene meet in Riga. Riga is a perfect meeting place for young talents and innovators, because the city is a melting pot for new ideas and exciting innovations.

February 26-28: 4YFN, Barcelona (Spain)

"4 Years from Now" is the startup business platform to bring founders, entrepreneurs and investors together, and is also part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The creative and innovative atmosphere invites startups and founders to exchange ideas and develop joint projects. Be there when Barcelona transforms into the city of the startup scene!

February 26th - March 1st: MWC, Barcelona (Spain)

If you are already traveling to Barcelona for 4YFN, then you should definitely extend your stay by a few more days. No, not for the beach and vacation or sight-seeing, but for the Mobile World Congress, which takes place at the same time and lasts until March 1st. There you can experience and marvel at the latest developments, achievements and technologies live that the industry has to offer.

March 2018

In March you will get a short break after an eventful February, because after that you will continue with exciting events that will take you north and south.

April 2018

April 10-11: Wolves Summit, Warsaw (Poland)

The Wolves Summit is taking place for the seventh time in Warsaw under the slogan “Create, network & grow” and once again invites startups, entrepreneurs, investors and interested parties from Central and Eastern Europe to help shape the future of the scene together over two days. This is where innovation meets business and capital!

April 18-21: Resonate, Belgrade (Serbia)

The Resonate Festival in Belgrade from April 18-21 brings together artists, startups, designers and lecturers to discuss digitization in art, music and culture. The festival is a platform for networking, knowledge exchange and education, you get a lot of new impressions, insights and input on innovative technologies for the future of the creative industry.

April 24: EU Startups Summit, Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona is the venue for the European and international startup scene in 2018, because the EU Startups Summit is also coming to Catalonia's capital in April. Europe's most exciting and hottest startups will present themselves there and have to prove themselves at the pitch. Entrepreneurs report on their successes and give tips so that you can come home with numerous learnings from this event!

May 2018

May 22nd - 23rd: infoShare, Gdansk (Poland)

The largest tech, new media and startup festival infoShare invites you to the Polish Baltic coast, because in Gdansk over 5500 participants, 100 speakers and 250 exhibitors make the city and of course the festival site unsafe for two days. Startups, developers, investors, marketers and leaders as well as the press make infoShare a creative and innovative hub.

May 24-25: The Next Web Conference, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The TNW Conference has been held annually in Amsterdam since 2006 and offers a varied program. In addition to round table sessions and workshops, you will find exhibition floors where startups and entrepreneurs present and show their latest products, services and technologies. There are also plenty of parties and other side events that accompany the program and make the conference something special.

May 24th - 25th: Pioneers Festival, Vienna (Austria)

If you'd rather go to the mountains than to the coast, then go to Vienna instead of Amsterdam, because the Pioneers Festival is waiting for you there. This event is a meeting point for startups, executives and investors in the tech scene who want to shape the future together. In addition to workshops, lectures and panel discussions, numerous international startups will also introduce themselves. Use this opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and make new contacts!

May 30th - 31st: Arctic15, Helsinki (Finland)

Finland's capital will be the crime scene for THE matchmaking start-up event in the north at the end of May, as startups meet investors and top decision-makers at Arctic15. The focus of the event with the motto “Return of Investment” is on quality networking and deals for founders and startups from the Northern European and Baltic states. The program offers workshops, pre-event matchmaking, ad-hoc meetings, round tables and special networking areas.

June 2018

June 6-7: NOAH Conference, Berlin (Germany)

The most promising and exciting startups from Europe will appear on the startup stage of the NOAH Conference and present their innovative products. The conference program also offers numerous panels and workshops as well as satellite events in the city for CEOs and founders on all aspects of leadership and challenges of the current time that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs have to face.

June 11-15: CeBIT, Hanover (Germany)

CeBIT is Europe's business festival for innovation and digitization and therefore a must for founders, startups and entrepreneurs who deal with digital transformation and digitization. In June CeBIT will start this year with a new direction and a new concept, on four platforms d! Conomy, d! Tec, d! Talk and d! Campus you will see, experience and experience the latest in the industry give to discuss. Don't miss out, because CeBIT uniquely combines trade fair, conference and networking!

June 19-22: Tech Open Air, Berlin (Germany)

The TOA is colorful, because the tech festival combines technology, art, music and science and is a meeting point for the international tech and startup scene. Four days in the Berlin Funkhaus with over 200 speakers and up to 20,000 participants will be a tech highlight. You should mark that in bold in the calendar!

July 2018 + August 2018

The summer months of July and August are an event summer slump, so you too can relax a little and enjoy the hopefully good weather at home. Perhaps the two months are also a good time to analyze your business and check its direction. So you can start the second half of the year strengthened and take the latest topics and trends for founders and startups with you at the following events and also make new, important contacts!

September 2018

September: Pirate Summit, Cologne

The Pirate Summit is THE event for startups and founders, because the Odonien in Cologne has been turning into a pirate stronghold at the beginning of September since 2011. Top-class and innovative startups from all over Europe come together and pitch against each other at the famous "Walk the Plank" pitch, just like in the times of Blackbeard - Aaarg! This year there will be a realignment of the event highlight or rather a back to the roots, what that means for the spectacular event format remains to be seen.

September 3-6: DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, Tel Aviv (Israel)

At the beginning of September we will go to Israel, because at the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv, scientists, business leaders and startups will advise and discuss. Entrepreneurs and many more about the latest technologies and their importance for the scene. Tel Aviv becomes a hi-tech hub!

September 30th - October 2nd: Bits & Pretzels, Munich

Another highlight among the startup events is the annual Bits & Pretzels in Munich. The founder festival rocks the Munich Oktoberfest on the last day and is the meeting point for the German, but also international founder and startup scene. So you should definitely plan your visit to Munich!

October 2018

October 1st - 5th: South Summit, Madrid (Spain)

“Where innovation meets business”: That is the motto this year for the South Summit in Madrid in October. This gives startups all over Europe, but especially in southern Europe, a platform on which they can show themselves to the whole world. Extraordinary talents, exciting developments, new technologies and hot new products, you can experience all this and more live there!

October 15-17: SaaStock, Dublin (Ireland)

3 days, 120 speakers, 200 investors and 1400 participants - that was SaaStock 2017 and this year there will be even more top lectures, top speakers and exciting topics. Be there in October when the SaaS community comes together at the largest startup event in the industry in Dublin to learn more, to exchange ideas and also to meet potential investors and capital providers as founders or startups. So you should prepare well if you want to use the conference for your business!

October 18: Nordic Startup Awards Grand Finale, Stockholm (Sweden)

The presentation of the Nordic Startup Awards is not only a great honor for the winners, but also an opportunity for founders and startups to show themselves there and make contacts there. In addition to the award ceremony, the event also offers the opportunity to network with other startups from Northern European countries and the big players from all over Europe, right from the start. The networking part of the event is followed by the gala and the following after party. So you get a lot on offer!

November 2018

November 5-8: Web Summit, Lisbon (Portugal)

One of the largest and most important tech conferences is the Web Summit in Lisbon, making it a must for all founders and startups in the tech industry. The conference took place for the first time in 2010 and has grown rapidly since then, with over 60,000 participants and over 1200 speakers taking part and more than 170 countries being represented there. A huge networking event that offers founders and startups a colorful program!

November 14-16: Social Media Week London (Great Britain)

Social media is more important than ever and of course that also applies to you as founders, startups and young entrepreneurs. Some have shown it, because with social media you can quickly build a community and drive the business forward. Social Media Week London is just right for you if you want to delve deeper into the subject and this year's motto is fittingly “Closer”. Numerous talks, interviews, panel sessions and workshops will form the program and bring you closer to the latest trends and cutting-edge aspects of the social media world.

December 2018

December: TechCrunch Disrupt, Berlin (Germany)

Even if the date has not yet been set for the end of the year, you should definitely have the TechCrunch Disrupt on your screen, because there pioneering technologies will be introduced, revolutionary startups will be presented and the most important decisions and the future of the technology industry will be discussed. Founders and startups watch out, because the event has it all with an exciting hackathon, the Startup Battlefield competition and a big after party!

December 4-5: Slush, Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki will once again be a stopover on your journey through the world and to the startup events in 2018, because you should plan a stop there in December for slush. Founders, startups, investors and the media bring the six stages to life with their stories. Fascinating conversations and top keynotes are just as much a part of the event as an extra stage just for pitches and a tech dialogue between the leading experts about the future of technologies. Helsinki rocks for startups and founders!