Where are you hiding your strawberries

Propagate strawberries with cuttings from your own garden

Propagate strawberries with cuttings

In order for your strawberries to be productive for a long time, the plants must not be too old. They should not be grown in the same place for more than three to four years. It is therefore advisable to replenish young strawberry plants in good time. With cuttings you can easily propagate your strawberries.

First, a new bed is prepared in a sunny, sheltered location. The earth is dug up and ideally enriched with manure from the farmer. When using manure, however, the beds should rest for some time before planting the strawberries so that the aggressive nutrients they contain can break down. You can also refine the soil with compost soil. This is particularly useful if the ground is very firm.

Propagate strawberries in June

The main harvest season for strawberries is in May. From now on they also train offshoots. In order not to weaken the plants too much, the strawberry offshoots are removed from June. They are great to use to propagate strawberries. As soon as the cuttings are about 40 centimeters long and have formed small young plants with roots, they are cut off with a knife.

The small strawberry offshoots are watered for a few hours and then planted in the prepared new strawberry bed. The planting distance should be 25 to 30 centimeters. Then they are carefully poured on so that they grow quickly and bear the first big fruits in the coming year.

This is how you protect the strawberry offshoots during propagation

The old strawberry bed should be completely cleared after four years at the latest and planted with other plants. This will improve the soil and prevent pests in the soil from spreading. To protect small, propagated strawberries from pests and diseases, the beds can be covered with straw before you plant the cuttings. This work pays off when harvesting because the fruits stay nice and clean and hardly need to be washed. Legumes or radishes, which you can sow between the rows of strawberries, are suitable as mixed crops.

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