What happens to deleted posts on Facebook

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages?

Find out if you can recover the deleted messages or chats on Facebook. Where to find a copy of your Facebook messages and how to prevent future messages from being lost.

This article is relevant for using Facebook via a browser on a PC as well as for Android or iOS devices.

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What does Facebook say about this?

Unfortunately, there is no official method to recover Facebook messages or chats that you have already deleted. After you delete messages or chats, they are removed from your account forever.

To confirm these words, we include a screenshot of the Facebook help with the answer to the question asked.

Although data recovery via Facebook is not possible (according to official information), in this article we will try to find methods to recover your own Facebook messages, chats and correspondence.

Facebook Messenger

All correspondence on Facebook is done through Facebook Messenger. It has a version in Facebook account, web version, version for PC, as well as the mobile version for Android or iOS devices. Each version has its own specifics, but all chats and correspondence are synchronized between them within the user account.

Find the copy of the deleted message or chat

Of course, if the message or chat on Facebook is deleted, it will not be possible to recover it. However, Facebook Messenger has many features and settings. You can use it on different devices and there is always the possibility that a copy of the required message or correspondence will be saved in the system.

Let's consider possible options to get a copy the desired chat or message restore:

  1. Before you panic, make sure that the message is really deleted. Scroll the chat window again and look, maybe you just didn't see the required message.

    The thing is, accidentally deleting a message or chatting on Facebook is not that easy. The social network absolutely requires confirmation of your action.

    It doesn't matter whether it's a smartphone or a computer.

  2. Ask the recipient of the message or chat to send you a copy. Once you've deleted the chat or specific message you need for your part, you can always ask the person (or people) on the other side to send a copy of your message, a screenshot, or a copy of the conversation.

    If you delete messages in your messenger, they are not deleted from the person you are speaking to, but remain with them until they delete them. You can ask the recipient or the sender of the message to send you a copy of the message.

  3. Check the chains transferred to the archive.

    On Facebook it is possible to delete the chats as well as move them to the archive (archive).

    Go to the chains transferred to the archive. There is always the possibility that the required chat is there. Therefore:

    • Select the cogwheel of the settings menu of Messenger;
    • And then choose "Archived Threads" out.

    Remember that individual messages are not archived, only entire chats.

  4. Check whether notification of receipt of the message is configured in your e-mail. Facebook can be configured to send email notifications about your account activity. If such settings are made in your account, you can search for the deleted message or correspondence in the mailbox linked to Facebook.

    To ensure that the settings for sending notifications to your email address are made, go to Menu / Settings / Notifications / Email address.

    Check the function with it, among other functions "All notifications, except the notifications you unsubscribe" activated.

    When this feature is enabled, there is an option to have a copy of the message in the mailbox.

    The mailbox linked to Facebook can be found in the Settings / General menu.

    How to Backup Facebook Messages and Facebook Chats?

    If the correspondence on Facebook is very important to you or if you use it for business, you can create a backup copy of it to avoid problems with accidentally deleting chats.


    • Go to facebook.com on your PC and log into your account.

    • Go to Menu / Settings in your account.

    • Next go to your Facebook information / Download your information.

    • You can always download a copy of your information from Facebook. You can download all of the information at once, or specify specific data types or date ranges. You can also choose a format for downloading: HTML files are easier to view and JSON files can be easily imported into other services.

      Downloading your information is secure, password protected and only accessible to you. When you create a file, it will be available for a few days.

      Uncheck all data types and only include messages.

    • Then click the button «Create file».

    • After a while, you will receive a notification that the file is ready to be downloaded with a backup copy of the messages to the email associated with your account.

    • Follow the link in the message «Available files» or click the message in your Facebook account. Download the backup copy of the messages you have made to your computer by clicking the button «Download» click.

    • A backup copy of Facebook messages consists of an archive in which there are folders with all the chats and files that you have received or sent via Messenger.

    • In the folder "Inbox" you will see the folder with the name of the recipient of the correspondence.

    • The files with the correspondence can be found within this.

    • Double click on the file «Message.html». The file will open in your computer's web browser, where you can read the chat messages.


The deletion - this is forever, especially when it comes to your Facebook messages. But do not despair. Before the final removal, Facebook will always ask you about the need for such an action. You need to "Clear" Select from the pop-up menu to delete the message.

Use Facebook's data archiving feature and you will have less trouble losing important chats.

If you have any other questions about Facebook message recovery, just leave them in the comments and we will get back to you in the near future.

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