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Competition in the form of Harry's rival newspaper and more veiled clues makes this a trickier one
Play as Carmen, but the headlines make you laugh and clues are on
[...] mostly amusing, though S.ienot incomprehensible.
Competition in the form of Harry's rival newspaper and more obscure clues makes this a more difficult
game than Carmen, but the headlines will make you laugh, and the clues are mostly
[...] amusing when they 're not unintelligible.
To understand it, it is necessary to first look at the glossary
the specialists to find their way around,
[...] So that Nouenot incomprehensiblebleggbt, just because [...]
we the language regime under which
it articulates itself, cannot follow it.
For a better understanding it is, however, needed to understand the technical terms of
specialists so that new findings can be
[...] appreciated and are not neglected just because the terminology [...]
European is evidently evolving into a twelfth language with terms that,
[...] insofar sienot incomprehensiblesind, then [...]
This is true not only for ordinary people but also for extraordinary ones. European seems to be
becoming a twelfth language, with terms
[...] that, if they are not incomprehensible, have at least [...]
taken on a life of their own.
The focus is now on the economy, which is societal as a whole
[...] coherencengennot incomprehensibleist, provided one [...]
from traditional ways of thinking, but
bypasses the core of the development.
The economy now occupies the central
[...] position, which is not difficult to uchange status [...]
in the context of the whole society,
to the extent one proceeds in traditional ways of thinking and fails to see the germ of new developments.
Father-child relationship: For the Muslim there are terms such as human sonship with God and that
Fatherhood of God ("Abba, dear
[...] Father ", Rom 8,15)Notnurincomprehensible,sonwho even blasphemously, [...] [...]
strictly separated from this world. ...
Father-child relationship: For a Muslim, the concepts of men being God's children and God
being a Father (Abba, dear
[...] Father; Rome 8:15) are not only incomprehensible but blowphemous, [...]
since Allah lives strictly apart from this world. ...
This translation is extremely flawed, so this
[...] modifierGeNotnurincomprehensibleweapproxen, but I [...]
have to say that as a co-author
When I read these amendments in French, I feel like a cat that no longer recognizes its young.
It is defective to the extent that
[...] these namesdment are not only incomprehensible but, as co-author, [...]
I am bound to say that, when
I read these amendments in French, I feel like a mother hen who can no longer find her chicks.
That is why this statement by Commissioner Verheugen is - I do not know
whether they are with great intent or strategy or just
[...] was made carelesslyde-Notnurincomprehensible,sondern harmful.
That is why this statement from Commissioner Verheugen - and I do not know whether it was made deliberately as
part of a predetermined strategy or whether it was simply a
[...] rash comment - is not only incomprehensible but also theremaging.
Against this background, an automatic translation tool can at most reproduce the content of a foreign-language text and possibly support the decision as to whether a
certain document is relevant at all; provided that the
[...] automatic translationtonGNotrestlOsincomprehensibleist.
Keeping this in mind, an automated translation tool might give you a general idea of ​​the context of a document in a foreign language and may support the decision
whether this document is of relevance to you, unless of course, the
[...] automated translation is completely incomprehensible.
I went to the stadium in the afternoon to get tickets, and outside everything was already jam-packed, since there were hardly any fans in the stadium in the previous games, the radio asked a lot to please fans. we have four cards under the roof
[...] [...] concerned. one for jörg, one for my driver, one for our purchaser and one for me. when we had the cards it started with the disagreement when the game starts now. it was four o'clock. a security guy said we should go straight in because it will start immediately, what ouchcHnot incomprehensiblescHien among the crowds that have been waiting outside. According to the newspaper, the kick-off should be at six o'clock. and a few passers-by said at five. nice how clear and well organized it is. We didn't have much choice anyway. I had to go home shortly and jörg didn't come back from the farm until about half past five [...] [...]
to the city. so we were back at the stadium shortly before six.
In the afternoon I went to the stadium to get tickets, outside it was already packed with fans, because the radio heavily announced this game and was demanding fan support, in previous games the stium was apparentley half empty. I got four tickets, for jorg, two collegues and me. the moment I had the tickets the issue with timing in ethiopia started already, it was 4pm, the security said I had to go in immediacyley, the newspaper said the kick off is at 6pm, and some fans said 5pm. actually their wasn't any choice anyway, jorg was on the way back from the farm and would arrive in addis at 6pm, so I had to trust the newspaper.
At Quilt My Design we know how irritating it is to have a
Pattern to buy that out
[...] some UrsacHeNotpasst orerincomprehensibleist. We know [...]
also how annoying it is year
to have more and more unusable fabric scraps that are rarely used.
At Quilt My Design we know how irritating it
is to buy a pattern which
[...] for some reason does not fit or which is incomprehensible, and [...]
we know how annoying it is year
by year to be left with more and more unusable remnants of fabrics which are only rarely used.
You are allowed to
[...] statements or warningsngenNotversveil, weaken orerincomprehensiblemachen.
I.t sHall not diso calleduise, diminish Or obscure important items, statements or warnings.
If only mathematical logic is taken into account in music, but the beautiful and rich emotions of the
People in the background
[...] kick is sieNotnur the Volksmassenincomprehensible,sonwhich will [...]
also abstract, d. H. alien to real humanity.
If music follows only a mathematical logic and
slights beautiful and rich
[...] human emotions, it will not only be unintelligible to the masses, but become [...] [...]
from genuine human nature, and fail to perform its real function.
It is allinGsNotakzeptable and in GrU.Ndeincomprehensible,dass the guideline [...]
no other healthcare professions
includes that are essential for the health and safety of workers, such as health and safety officers in the workplace, biologists, medical-technical specialists and MTA in the field of diagnosis and therapy.
[...] unacceptable, and Indeed incomprehensible, tHas the Tuesdayrective does not include other healthcare [...] [...]
who play a vital role in the health and safety of workers, such as health and safety officers at work, biologists, senior health technicians and diagnosis and therapy technicians.
What sieNotwueatse and mirincomprehensiblewar, was the fact [...]
that the story took place in the GDR, because at
in West Germany there are no queues in front of the shops, which I explained to them, everyone was relieved and the evening came to a happy end.
frederik-luitwie ...
frederik-luitwie ...
W.Hich did not know it andme was incomprehensible, was they fact [...]
that history took place in the DDR, because with us in West
Germany there are no queues before the business, which I also explained, all was relieved and the evening found a merry end.
frederik-luitwie ...
frederik-luitwie ...
Notzulenow it would be ouchcHincomprehensibleund even paradoxical, [...]
our countries should participate in peace missions and operations
took part in promoting human rights in the Balkans region and left a serious health and environmental problem there, which the population now has to struggle with, which they actually wanted to protect.
Lastly, because it would be incomprehensible atd even paradoxical [...]
for our countries to have participated in missions for
peace and to promote human rights in the Balkan region and to possibly left there an unsolved public health and environmental problem that precisely affects the populations that they seeking to protect.
If you consider that the Mercator map is not able to show the whole earth up to the poles (and therefore the one that has now been discovered) due to its construction principle
[...] [...] continent, Antarcticaika,Notabbican load), stayt esincomprehensible,date this map [...] [...]
Days claimed and thus shapes the worldview of man to this day.
When one considers that Mercator's map, because of the way it is constructed, cannot represent the whole globe all the way to the poles and therefore cannot properly show the fourth largest
[...] [...] (since discovered), it is incomprehensible that it should have maintained its [...] [...]
time, shaping our world view even today.
More so are the reports on that
[...] keyboard activityatenNoteinfOh nurmore incomprehensibleHaufen of separate (or GarNotfOrmated) [...] [...]
or Extra Characters - Free Key Logger provides a human-readable report, with properly separated words and punctuation, as well as extra characters that don't clutter the original message.
[...] activity reports won't be just at incomprehensible bunccourt space-separated (or not formatted at all) letters, [...] [...]
characters - Free Key logger will deliver you a human-readable report, with words properly separated with spaces and punctuation and special characters made noticeable to not scramble the original message.
Most of all, the Bible was returned to the hands of the
[...] [...] was fortanNotmeMr only mediated in the liturgy, in OftincomprehensibleL.atein, but [...]
accessible in the mother tongue.
But above all the Bible was put back into the hands of the
[...] [...] Sacred Scripture was not only conveyed in liturgyy, oftenn in unintelligible Latin, but was accessible [...]
It is scHierincomprehensiblewarum the European Union and the Member States their FOKusNotwesently more intense [...] [...]
the emergence of terrorism instead of being content with putting a band-aid on an open wound here and there.
I.t is simply incomprehensible why they European Union and its Membhe States do not focus far more intensively on [...] [...]
of terrorism instead of contenting themselves with putting a plaster on an open wound here and there.
The EESC istincomprehensible,withalf the commission this W.eGNotexplizite as [...]
particularly useful, especially as it does so
decentralized energy supply structures and thus jobs in agriculture and in rural areas - could also most likely arise.
The EESC cannot understand why they Commission does not make it clear that this path [...]
offers the greatest benefits, particularly
As this is the way in which decentralized energy supply structures - and thus jobs in agriculture and rural areas - can be most easily developed.
It istincomprehensible,waralthough CDS with states as reference debtors were included in the regulation, dependingdocHNotjenothat are systemically [...] [...]
- in particular by credit institutions - as a reference debtor.
I.t is difficult to see why CDS. with States as a reference entity have been included in the regulatokn, howevhe not theyelet, which show systemic [...] [...]
- in particular of financial institutes - as reference entity.
6.15 The current situation is for the
[...] citizensrgerincomprehensibleundNotHinnhonorable.
[...] situationokn is incomprehensible other unacceptable as far as citizens [...]
[...] court his recitalsngenincomprehensible,da the FEG is assumed to be directly involved on the basis of various joint measures taken by various members of the group, although (i) the F.E.GNotam Zcame about or was involved in the implementation of the measure, (ii)Notuntehad been sought, [...] [...]
The FEG's consent to the joint measure was expressed in its conduct and (iii) the Commission's file expressly contained evidence that the FEG was not involved in the conduct in question.
[...] reasoning is also incomprehensible in view of the fact that it assumes FEG's direct involvement on the basis of divergent joint action by separate groups of members, notwithstanding the facts (i) that FEG what not involved in giving rise to or implementing the action; (ii) that the Court did not examine further whether [...] [...]
on the part of FEG with the joint action was expressed through its conduct; and (iii) that the Commission's file contained explicit evidence to the contrary which demonstrated that FEG had not been involved in any conscious and deliberate conduct.
Indeed istincomprehensible,dass The aim of the new measures is to penalize most of those Member States which have already made significant reductions in their capacity (such as Portugal, which has also far exceeded the targets set), rather than having a direct impact on the fleets of those countries which the goals targeted in the alignment plan (MAP) AbbauNoterreot have [...] [...]
have to accept the necessary reductions.
In fact, it is beyond comprehension thas they new measures should penalize most of those Member States that have already made a large cut-back in their capacity (as is the case of Portugal, which has, in fact, far exceeded the targets set), rather than directly affecting the fleets of those countriit that have not achieved they reduction targets set in the operational plan for fisheries (MAGP), which should be the ones [...]
to have to bear the necessary cuts.
It istincomprehensible,wara mature TechnikNoteurowidely used [...]
can come, although evidence already exists
it was possible to show that this technology can reduce the extent of accidents (Cornaux / Switzerland).
I.t was incomprehensible why fully developed technology could not be employed throughout [...]
Europe, even though it could already
be demonstrated that this technology can reduce the extent of accidents (Cornaux / Switzerland).
At the same time, it also seems ironic that such forms of border crossing have now received a cultural license, precisely because of a changed attitude towards the status of art as part of contemporary culture. It is now generally assumed that contemporary artistic practice always explores the crossing of boundaries, but that this is acceptable as long as it is within the institutional boundaries of the 'art world'.
Become an artist therennNotlÄnghe viewed them as dangerous revolutionaries or moral dilettantes, but rather as sane eccentrics, whose activities even though they are commonplace to mainstream audiencesleftcHincomprehensiblebleggben, harmless [...] [...]
their relative isolation from this.
At the same time, it is also ironic that such forms of transgression have come to acquire culture license precisely because of a changed attitude towards the status of art as part of contemporary culture; It is now understood that contemporary artistic practice will invariably probe the terms of transgression, but that for as long as this operates within the institutional
[...] [...] 'art world', this is acceptable - artists are no lolonger seen as dangerous revolutionaries or moral dilettantes, but instead healthy eccentrics whose activities, while usuAllesy incomprehensible to they mainstream public, are innocuous precisely [...]
because of their relative seclusion from it.
Regardless of the fundamental concerns about the proposed regulation
[...] [...] monopoly commissionerssiOnincomprehensible,warthe draft did not include any measures to protect the journalistic independence of the sheets already owned by the purchaser, why the scope of the exception sicHNotauf economical [...]
distressed press items
limited and why the exception also related to the magazine market.
Irrespective of its fundamental misgivings against the proposed regulation
[...] [...] comprehension of the Monopoliit commission why the Draft did not contain any precautions to protect the journalistic independence of the newspapers already owned by the purchaser, why the area of ​​application of the exception What not limited to financially weak [...] [...]
the exemption also applied to the magazine market.
Sometimes the "avant-garde" idea of ​​the ultras is also reflected when they show banners or choreographies in the stadium that only insiders understand - through codes of the
[...] [...] outsiders without special background wissenincomprehensiblesind.71 For this reason, critics accuse some Ultras of "secret alliance behavior" - especially when the planning of the choreographies remains a matter for a small group because they are afraid of "moles" that could betray their ideas to the opposing group.72 Ultras limit sicHNotnur through such actions from the remaining [...] [...]
also by their group name.
The fact that the Ultras have an elitist attitude is sometimes reflected in, for example, the banners or choreographed displays in the stadium that only insiders understand,
because they use internal
[...] scene coof that are incomprehensible to an outsider without specific background knowledge.71 Critics therefore accuse some Ultras of behaving as if they belonged to a secret society, especially when the planning of the choreographies remains the responsibility of a small group because they are afraid of "moles" who might give theirs ideas away to rival groups.72 Ultras not Only separate themselves [...] [...]
of the fan scene by such actions but also by the name they give their group.
Even the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, has painted the collapse of the EU on a wall, which shakes the business newspaper Világgazdaság: "In the midst of the recent crisis in the euro area - the one of
[...] [...] was triggered - it was followedradeincomprehensible,dass himself one of the highest political representatives of the EU, the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy,Notdiplcould express more omatically.
Even the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy has talked of the potential collapse of the EU, the business paper Világgazdaság notes deeply shocked: "In the midst of this latest crisis in the
[...] [...] Ireland - it is almost incomprehensible that one oftenhey EU's highest political representatives, the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, which un / Able to express Hislandf more ddiplomaatically.
Because of its highly technical content, it is quiteleftcHincomprehensible; NotGanz It is also clear how this very detailed proposal is now integrated into the general EU strategy in the field of [...]
the drug policy.
Its highly technical content rendered it particularly impenetrable; It is also insufficiently clear how this very detailed proposal now fits in with the EU strategy on drugs policy as a whole.