Why do people wear jewelry

Why jewelry?

Jewelry is popular. In every sense. But why actually?

Ornate, decorative, adorn, ... You can hear it everywhere, regardless of whether you are talking about exclusive mobile phone jewelry or beautiful diamond earrings! Nothing works without jewelery and with jewelery you can turn any item, no matter how boring, into a super highlight.

Jewelry means lifestyle, you decorate yourself to please and to attract attention. Just like clothing, jewelry is something that you immediately notice in a person. Basically, it's something that most people value (sadly but true). Jewelry tells us a lot about the personality and lifestyle of a woman who wears it and that can be very beneficial, especially when making new friends.

The jewelry a woman wears tells us a lot about a person's lifestyle. You can see whether she has taste, whether she knows each other well enough to know what suits her, whether she seems more than wants to be, etc.

Just as jewelry can highlight a wearer, underline her personality and style, it can also devalue her if her jewelry choice is made without much sense or if she exaggerates it in every conceivable form. Therefore one should not shy away from a few basic rules in terms of “tasty decorations”.

The fashion industry gives us new inspiration almost every day in the form of innovative pieces of jewelery in all possible shapes and materials. A (too) large selection cannot be denied. But don't worry, if you really enjoy jewelry, you can't go wrong

Rings, hoop earrings and co. Why people wear jewelry

To answer this question we have to look deeply into the past of mankind and understand when man first wore jewelry. According to the latest research results, people started wearing jewelry at the beginning of the Paleolithic around 2.4 million years ago. This jewelry consisted partly of shells, ivory, animal teeth, pearls and bones. At times jewelry was already combined into multi-link chains. The first rings appeared around 20,000 years ago, and there are also indications that rings were not only worn to decorate themselves, but that they were most likely also a means of payment that was traded. Earrings, ear studs and hoop earrings or earrings are much younger and only appeared around 8000 years ago. With the beginning of the Bronze Age around 2000 BC For the first time, metals such as copper, gold and silver were introduced into the processing of jewelry. At that time, people already wore gold rings or silver hoop earrings, for example. But why did people wear jewelry? Today it is assumed that jewelry, i.e. simply the beautification of oneself, is due to the fact that there is a certain hierarchy or ranking under a group in humans just like lions or monkeys and many other animals. The striving to evoke oneself from one's group in order to be honored and thus to reach higher in the imperious probably caused that the people began to wear jewelry. In detail, wearing a tooth around the neck likely sparked admiration and wealth among the rest of the group and ultimately power of the wearer. So you can combine the word jewelry with the term “status symbol”.

Today there is jewelry in all imaginable variations, chains, rings, earrings, piercings. etc. New ideas for materials such as stainless steel jewelry or processing techniques are constantly being added.