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The top 7 no-go's when applying for an internship

  1. The top 7 no-go's in the application
  2. 1. Impersonal
  3. 2. Misspellings
  4. 3. Lack of individuality
  5. 4. Wrong perspective
  6. 5. Lies
  7. 6. Arrogance
  8. 7. Don't get to the point
  • Conclusion:
  • Application sins are quickly committed. A small spelling mistake here, a few too many attachments there - and there are 2 no-go's that could cost you the much-coveted internship. Error in the application occur more often than you think. Time and again, HR managers report on the biggest no-go's that they encounter day in and day out. The top 7 worst No Go's in the application we have summarized it for you below so that you can pay attention to it from the start and avoid it! We wish you every success in your search for suitable internship positions and the subsequent application process!

    The top 7 no-go's in the application

    1. Impersonal

    Most job postings have contact details at the end, so you have an address and a contact person. This contact person should be the recipient of your application for an internship. But if the HR manager only reads “Dear Sir or Madam”, the impression quickly arises that the Applicants hasn't even read the job posting through to the end, and therefore has little interest in the Internship may have. Or, the employees in the HR department might think: If the applicant did not make the effort to name the right contact person, then they probably also did not make the effort to adapt the rest of the application to the company. And no HR manager wants to read through a standard cover letter that is repeatedly sent to dozens of employers by copy and paste.

    2. Misspellings

    Application documents should be absolutely flawless! If a small mistake creeps in here and there, you can turn a blind eye to a computer scientist or mathematician. For people who want to do an internship in an area that is also about communication in the broadest sense, spelling mistakes can quickly become an exclusion criterion! So if you are applying for an internship in the field of journalism or want to do an internship in the media industry, make sure that your cover letter is free of errors!

    3. Lack of individuality

    If you start your cover letter with: "I am applying for an internship as ...", then the big yawning begins in the HR department. Individuality is also required when listing your strengths and weaknesses or when naming your soft skills! Avoid standard sentences like: "I am a team player, ambitious and resilient". Almost every applicant writes these strengths or soft skills in their cover letter. A no go in the application, especially when the competition is fierce and you want to stand out from the crowd. Convince with individuality and try to show why you of all people are the perfect intern for the company.

    4. Wrong perspective

    There is little space in an application to convince the company why you would be a suitable candidate. Many applicants make the mistake of simply reporting on themselves and their achievements. Of course, it is important to write down which qualifications you have - but HR managers can already find this information in your CV. The cover letter should be used much more to write about the added value that can be offered to the company. So don't just write from an egocentric perspective. Think about what you can do as an intern so that your potential internship company would benefit most from hiring you of all people.

    5. Lies

    It should be clear to everyone that you shouldn't cheat in your application documents. Nevertheless, it happens again and again that applicants come up with something to tweak their résumé a little. Usually out of necessity that many companies are looking for interns who have already gained practical experience in a certain area. This practical experience is often lacking, because such a degree does not leave too much time to be able to do an internship again and again. Because of this, a internship mentioned in the résumé, which was never completed. Here you will find useful tips for an application without work experience! Sooner or later, lies are always noticed and can ruin your chances of getting the internship as well as of a possible takeover afterwards. Lying is an absolute no-go for applications! Honesty still lasts the longest.

    6. Arrogance

    Another one No go in the application is arrogance and arrogance. Sentences like: "I am sure that my qualifications far exceed those of my competitors" or sentences like "You will not find a candidate who is better suited for this internship than me" are anything but good. Self-confidence is an important quality in professional life, but such formulations can quickly backfire. Sure, you want to show with your cover letter that you are the or the best choice for the internship, but this should be done a little more subtle. In order to avoid these common application mistakes, you should concentrate on convincingly demonstrating the added value you can offer the company.

    7. Don't get to the point

    A cover letter should not exceed one A4 page. You should make sure that you adhere to this information, because as a prospective specialist you should be able to present your concerns precisely and to quickly convince them with the right arguments that you would be a suitable intern. A cover letter that is much too long indicates that you may not be able to express yourself clearly and precisely and that you are therefore talking about the bush. Another no-go when applying for an internship: Far too many systems. It is not necessary to attach every graduation certificate and all documents that you have accumulated in the course of your life to your application documents. It just creates a lot of chaos on the recruiter's desk. With two to three systems you are well served!


    Applications have always been a science in itself. They hold a whole range of different stumbling blocks that need to be avoided. With our Top 7 no-go's in the application but you should be well prepared and armed against all mistakes! Make a lot of effort when writing each and every application, even if it is "only" an application for an internship. An internship has already opened the door to the industry of their choice for many students and has paved the way for many a career entry! With individuality, tailor-made arguments and the avoidance of empty phrases, nothing should stand in the way of an invitation to an interview! I wish you success!

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