How can I start my financial education?

Support options

Health restrictions, discrepancies in the company, learning difficulties in the vocational school: If problems arise during your training, you don't have to fight your way through the training all by yourself. On the one hand you can get financial support, on the other hand you can apply for individual help, for example tutoring or a reduction in working hours. In any case, it is important that you seek help in good time. If you do not want to entrust yourself to your trainer in the company, you can consult the advisors at your local employment agency or your professional association.

Financial support

If the apprenticeship is your first apprenticeship and you no longer live with your parents or legal guardians, you can apply for subsidies from the state in addition to your apprenticeship allowance: First, you try to apply for vocational training allowance, often called BAB for short, at the Employment Agency. You can also test online whether you are entitled to this grant before a consultation. Apprentices normally get BAB if they have to find their own apartment or room for their training, because otherwise they would need over two hours to get to the training company. But there are also other recognized reasons for having one's own household, for example partnerships with a child or problems with parents. The prerequisite for BAB funding is that your training contract has already been signed.

It is possible that your BAB application will be rejected, for example because your income is too high overall. Then in the second step you can try to get housing benefit. Under certain conditions you are entitled to housing benefit. You submit the application to the housing benefit office in your municipality. You can find detailed information on the requirements etc. on the website of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.

Individual support

If you have a harder time than the others because of a learning disability or a disability in training, you have the right to individual support. These can be special devices and custom-made products such as custom-made orthopedic safety shoes or seating aids that are made available to you free of charge. As a trainee, you can apply to the responsible authority, for example the employment office or the pension insurance, to cover the costs in full. However, you need to do this before the aids are purchased. Your company can apply for funding if it wants to convert its premises, for example for ramps or toilets for the disabled. You can find detailed information on training with disabilities on the REHADAT education portal.

If you have difficulties with learning or with exams, you can get remedial lessons that take place in addition to normal learning in the company and vocational school and help you prepare for the exams. For this type of help during training, there are special instruments or funding programs that are organized by the Employment Agency: training-accompanying assistance (abH) and assisted training (AsA). AsA funding can begin even before the apprenticeship. The best thing to do is to get advice from the Employment Agency.

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