How do chiropractors fit the neck

Chiropractic: hands off the cervical spine!

In general, chiropractic therapy is considered harmless if it is carried out properly. Can have slight side effects sore muscles in the shoulder and neck area as well as a slight dizziness. But when it comes to straightening the cervical spine, chiropractic should not be used.

Dangers of treating the cervical spine

However, manipulation of the cervical spine can be problematic or even life-threatening. This is confirmed by findings from the Berlin Charité, among other things.

The reason: it runs right next to the cervical spine Vertebral arterythat supplies blood to the brain. If the head is turned too much, this can be injured.

This is more likely to happen if the vein is already damaged. Then the vessel wall tears. There is a risk of a blood clot forming and starting to migrate. The consequences can range up to Paralysis and strokes walk.

The risk increases, of course, the more amateurish the therapist works.

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A Canadian study came to frightening results some time ago: For almost 40 percent of all strokes studied by the Canadian Stroke Society in under-45s that were caused by Damage to the cervical artery chiropractors are responsible.

But another study shows that there is no link between strokes and chiropractic therapy. The researchers claim that the manipulations or restrictions could not cause strokes.

But patients still have to be informed about possible causes of sore throats and be referred to a doctor, because only a specialist can discover the problems and health risks in good time. As a result, a ban on chiropractic interventions on the cervical spine was demanded.

Protect yourself against incorrect treatment

The doctor must inform you about the danger of this very rare, but all the more serious damage to the carotid artery. At Cervical spine discomfort should be done before starting treatment necessarily an x-ray are present.

It must be ruled out that the artery has already been damaged, for example by a Arteriosclerosis. More and more medical specialists have come to the view that the risk of such a grab is not justified by a corresponding benefit. They strongly advise against straightening the cervical spine.

Chiropractic has no place in these complaints

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The most common areas of application for chiropractic

  • arthrosis
  • Muscle tension on the Spine
  • Disturbances in the joint
  • Discomfort in the shoulder and arm area
  • Nerve irritation in the joints

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