Who is the poorest person on earth?

Forbes publishes list of the world's poorest people

New York (EZ) | Business magazine Forbes today unveiled its annual list of the world's poorest people. This time too, one looks in vain for German destitute people.

The American magazine has been raising the hit list of the poorest of the poor every year since 1987. The current special supplement with the most interesting facts about the 2 billion front runners is included on 30 data DVDs in the next issue.

The editors focus on people with an annual income of less than $ 300. As almost every year, the top position is shared by almost 600 million people who even live completely without their own income or property.

However, as editor-in-chief Steve Forbes explains, there are only a few of the poorest people in the world who were there last year. “The fluctuation, especially at the top, is very high,” says Forbes. "Many of them die of a lifestyle commensurate with their income."

But there are also some well-known names from previous years to be found again this time. "Somali man Ahmed Ibn al-Hussamin lost a lot of places in 2017 because he took a job as a street sweeper." He is only at number 201 on the list, along with about 20,000,000 others who cost around $ 50 live in the year.

But there are also surprises: The Congolese Onk’Dongo Fariam, still in third place in 2010, has moved up to the top. “Fariam owes this jump to the illness of one of his daughters. Treating measles cost so much money that he now had to sell his very last grain reserves. ”Last year these were still counted as assets.

As expected, you won't find any Germans in the list. In the media, the hermit and former waiter Eberhard Knollinger has long been considered the hottest favorite and great hope of being the first German to be included in the list. Knollinger, who lives in self-chosen solitude in Bavarian forests, received social benefits last year; he was also active as a beggar and could not be considered by Forbes.

At the same time, Forbes also published the list of the richest in the world, including heise.de reporting on it.

(JPL / Photo: EZ Media Service, using this image: By Jerzy Gorecki - https://pixabay.com/en/poverty-pauper-poor-street-1274179/, CC0, Link)

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