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Great fun, the unique comic style, funny dances and cool characters have created worldwide enthusiasm since the launch of "Fortnite" in July 2017: The innovative and action-packed "Battle Royale" shooter is particularly popular with younger users. By March 2019, the game had already recorded 78.3 million monthly players worldwide.

"Fortnite" is a building game that challenges action fans, virtual architects and fantasy enthusiasts alike. Countless dangers lurk in the impressive worlds of the game that have to be fought. The action building game is available in stores for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, and there is also a free version for the popular “Battle Royale” mode that can even be played on the smartphone.

Why is it worth getting into the "Fortnite" fever? We have summarized the five most important reasons:

1. Simple but ingenious gameplay

Fortnite: Battle Royale games are time-limited rounds of gaming. At the beginning, up to 100 players land on the colorful playground, playing individually or in teams against each other - initially everyone has the same chances. In battles they fight against each other and collect randomly found weapons and other loot. In addition, gamers can destroy almost anything with the pickaxe in order to obtain material for building platforms, protective walls or other aids. Whoever dies, loses his prey and has to start a new round. The last survivor or the last team wins.

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2. There is no boredom

In "Fortnite: Battle Royale" there is always something new to discover thanks to hard-working developers: New attractions and weapons are constantly being added and with each new season there are changes on the map. For example, islands fly around in the comic landscape or a meteorite hits a huge crater in the earth. So players are encouraged to check back regularly to stay up to date. Once the ambition is aroused, you want to fight your way to the top step by step. After all, every “Battle Royale” game with 99 other gamers from all over the world is different and unpredictable.

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3. The large "Fortnite" community

One of the greatest advantages of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" is the fact that you can play the game with millions of other gamblers and rediscover it over and over again. It doesn't matter whether you play on a PS4, an Xbox One, a PC or a Nintendo Switch - theoretically, friends with different consoles can compete against each other. It is also practical: Battle Royale games also work mobile on the iPhone or an Android smartphone - in a few minutes you can pass the time with a small battle on the go. The loading times are minimal.

On streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, "Fortnite" fans like to cheer with well-known gamers like Ninja, Shroud and DrDisRespect - after all, every battle is unique and always good for a few surprises. In addition, players can get tips from the professionals on how their own performance can be improved.

4. Creativity is very important

The colorful world, which is constantly changing, destroying and turning inside out, also inspires many gamers to be creative themselves. Thanks to the creative mode, you can also create your own levels. In addition, the developers are always adding new, funny and cool add-ons: The "Fortnite" dances like the raft are now also legendary offline:


5. Just play "Fortnite" for free

The popular multiplayer mode "Battle Royale" is completely free and can be easily downloaded for PC, console or smartphone - so trying it out is very easy. In-game purchases are also offered during the game, but these are more used to give your character new clothes, dances or the like. However, none of this has any effect on game performance. The free version is also being expanded with new updates - buying a new game every year and reinstalling it is no longer necessary. Those who frequently gamble "Fortnite" should, however, consider whether a so-called Battle Pass is worthwhile: For 950 V-Bucks (which are worth just under ten euros in real life), you receive 100 different rewards when certain challenges are completed.

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Those who prefer the single-player version can buy the paid version. This is included in the so-called founder packages. The standard start-up package is called “Save the World” and is available for 39.99 euros.

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