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Reflector foil: is this allowed on the vehicle?

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Self-adhesive reflective film and possible areas of application

Reflector foil, in red, black, yellow or even white, is sometimes called Safety device in road traffic used. The reflective film is also known under the term reflective film and can be found on otherwise unlit objects against which approaching motorists should be warned. It is not uncommon for there to be several stripes as so-called Contour marking attached to stationary vehicles.

Emergency vehicles from Emergency services, breakdown helpers and police officers use reflector foil. The question therefore often arises: may Private individuals Buy reflective foil yourself at a hardware store and attach it to your vehicle? The following guide will tell you whether it is permissible to use reflective film as a Contour marking or lighting replacement serves. Regarding the use of reflective sheeting in tuning, both cars and bicycles are discussed here.

FAQ: reflector foil

What is the reflector foil used for?

Attaching reflective materials increases the visibility of the respective vehicles, which increases safety in traffic.

When is the use of reflective foil mandatory?

Since 2013, new trucks in the EU have had to be equipped with contour markings made of reflective material.

Reflector foil on the car

When asked whether reflective foil is allowed on the car, it helps to take a look at the EU standard ECE 48that deals with the installation of lighting equipment. This defines some vehicle types for which retroreflective markings are permitted.

Excluded from this, however M1 passenger car with four wheels and up to eight seats. As a result, so is private individuals not permitted in Germany, reflective film to be attached to your car in individual strips or combined as contour marking.

The Road traffic regulations (StVO) also provides clear guidelines on which lighting devices must be present on the vehicle and when they can be used. Regarding the use of reflective tape, however, is also § 53Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) are decisive. Among other things, it says:

The marking of […] heavy and long vehicles - with the exception of passenger cars - with a length of more than 6.00 m with contour markings made of white or yellow retroreflective materials, which comply with the provisions specified in the appendix to this regulation, is permitted. In the case of the vehicles mentioned in sentence 1 no. 3, advertising made from retroreflective materials of different colors is permitted on the side surfaces of the vehicles in conjunction with the contour marking, which corresponds to the provisions specified in the appendix to this regulation.

Reflector foil with the marking ECE 104 Consequently, it must not be attached to the side surface of cars or trailers with a permissible total weight of up to 750 kg.

Come contrary to these regulations If a reflective film is still used, the police can initiate administrative fines. Especially when a hazard or disability has arisen.

Reflector foil on the bike

Reflector sheet that is self-adhesive can be attached, is also used by some bike enthusiasts to be better seen in the dark. Thereby the reflective tape is often used on the rims or the frame attached to the bike. But what does the legislature say about it?

Strictly speaking, this use is also related to the above guidelines not legal. In contrast to motor vehicles, however, there is a probability that officials use the light-reflecting "Craft solution" tolerate. However, there is no guarantee for this. In any case, in the dark, cyclists should make sure that the regularly required lighting equipment to use.
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Reflector foil: is this allowed on the vehicle?
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