What is a life without desires

Goals are desires that have had enough of dreaming

  • Goals are exhausting!
  • Achieving goals means doing without.
  • Goals only make you happy in the short term.
  • Goals mean stress.

Prejudice or the truth? Both! It depends on the Type of goals at, that we sit down, and also on how we deal with it. For a long time I set myself goals in my life just to become more successful and recognized. It's different today. I have discovered, How to Set goals that are fun and trigger well-being instead of stress.

Goals can be easy

A defining factor was a
Sentence that a clever man said to me some time ago:

Everything that is easy - works. Everything that is not easy - does not work.

For one thing, it means that we Can adapt goals at any timewhen we find that they are causing us discomfort. It is not about giving up, which is often despised, but rather about the willingness to give up Goals of your own development and the ownTo suit your needs.

By the way, our feelings are an important indicator of whether goals are good and right for us.

We feel motivated, strong and energetic, we probably already have that found a suitable target. But we feel Overwhelming, frustration or boredom, it must be about time, our Aim to renew.

Do we even need

If your own life feels fulfilled even without goals, you can safely put the topic aside. Personally, I prefer to have goals. Not least because Goals serve to solve problems. And we probably all have them. What do I mean by that?

Personally, I prefer to have goals.

The most people know all too good at what they are no longer want. For example you want no obesity have more; you want to no job more of them bores; you want to no longer be constantly tired; they don't want to feel so bad and unnoticed anymore ...

The first step in solving a problem is
a target!

If, in relation to an existing problem, one asks the question: "What do you want instead?"then the answer is almost always a goal to pursue. For example: instead of being overweight, ideal weight, instead of fatigue, vitality, instead of uncomfortable feelings and self-doubt strong self-esteem. Instead of the unsatisfactory state, one formulates the Desired state.

Plan for milestones

Goals are there to fulfill wishes. The good fairy, who fulfills our wishes without our intervention, is unfortunately usually quite booked out. And so there is only one thing left for us: Turning desires into goalsby doing this decide, to do something to come closer to our desire.

Goals are there to fulfill wishes.

A concrete example of this: I have been wanting to become an author since I was twelve. As long as I hadn't made up my mind to make a goal out of it, buzzed this wish disoriented around in my head When I decided to finally grant myself this wish, developed thereby a plan. My second book was only recently created by one Sixteen week plan with a lot Stopovers and of course also Rewards.

Goals give us

my goalTo become an author moved my life in a certain direction. I suddenly had one clear vision of my way. I first understood why this is so important when I read the story of Miss Chadwick:

It was July 4, 1952 when 34-year-old Miss Chadwick jumped into the water. Your goal: You wanted as first wife from the island of Catalina swim to the California coast. The water was freezing and the fog was so thick she could barely see the escort boats. Miss Chadwick swam away. She waited 15 hours in ice cold water while their companions drove away some sharks with guns. But then suddenly gave up half a mile offshore. When the reporters later asked why she had surrendered so close to the finish line, she replied, “It was the fog. If I could have seen the country, I would have made it. "

My conclusion: if we know our goalto even see it in front of the inner eye, we can do a lot more than we think. Without a goal, we often feel lacking drive and disorientation.

When we know our goal, we can do a lot more than we think.

By the way: On the second attempt, Miss Chadwick achieved her goal. It was a clear, sunny day and she could see the California coast from afar.

And suddenly I'm eighty!

Unless there is a big problem and there is no heart's desire to be fulfilled, sometimes it is heavy, a Find destination, that really motivated. I then like to fall back on a method from mental training: My eightieth birthday. And this is how it works:

I imagine that tomorrow is my eightieth birthday. There will be a big celebration and my best friend is going to give a speech hold. These is about my life: of what I have achieved, experienced, enjoyed and created. So she talks about all the successes in my life. Professionally, privately, personally ...

With this idea I reach for pen and paper and swrite everything down what I want to have achieved by my eighties. Very fast recognize I then based on this speech, what important goals it in my life still gives.

Have fun trying it out!