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Halloween traditions in other countries

Only a few more days and Halloween is just around the corner. But do you actually know the story behind the festival? I'll tell you the exciting past of the holiday and how Halloween traditions in other countries look.

Halloween traditions in other countries

Origin of Halloween

The term Halloween comes from the English term for the Evening before All Saints Day, “All Hallows Eve”. The festival looks back on a long tradition and its origins lie in Ireland.

The Celts already celebrated this Samhain festival, which marks the end of summer and should usher in winter.

At the beginning of the dark period, the Irish wanted to protect themselves from the undead and the dark on October 31st, so they disguised themselves as the undead. With this they hoped to be spared from the zombies.

This spread through the Irish immigrants in the United States Halloween festival also in America. Since 1990 the Halloween traditions also exercised in other European countries.

The thing with the pumpkin

The reason for the number hollowed out pumpkins with faces carved into it, which you can find everywhere on Halloween, draws on an old Irish story. It's about the scoundrel Jack Oldfieldwho was punished for his actions and was not allowed to go to hell or heaven.

That is why he wandered through the darkness and his lamp, made from a hollowed turnip, lit his way. In the United States the beets were then replaced by pumpkins, as these were more readily available. The evil faces carved into the pumpkins are meant to scare away creepy ghosts.

Ireland - The birthplace of Halloween

Ireland, the Birthplace of Halloween. In Ireland, Halloween is celebrated very traditionally, just like in the USA, with costumed children going around the houses asking for sweets.

However, some children also follow the “knock-a-dolly” variant and quickly run away after ringing the neighbour's door.

In addition, the Irish play a special oneCard game on Halloween. In this case, the children have to choose a card and then receive the price that is hidden behind it. It is also traditionally called a fruit cake Barnbrack eaten.

The cake usually has a sweet baked in with it. Depending on which candy is in the cake, its fate will be decided.

Furthermore, on Halloween you can in Ireland spectacular parades, parties or Halloween decoration admire, which was made long in advance with a lot of effort.

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USA - The most unusual costumes

Along with Christmas, Thanksgiving and the superbowl, Halloween is one of the most celebrated festivals in America. The houses are decorated and greeting cards sent weeks in advance.

At the October 31 Children then go through the streets in disguise, ring the doorbell and ask with the slogan "Trick or Treat”For sweets. Young people, on the other hand, are attractedHalloween balls or parties.

In the United States it doesn't matter whether the costume is scary or not, since there is no such thing as carnival there, the Americans really let off steam and choose costumes in all possible variations.

In Salem, a city near Boston, the spectacular is celebrated throughout October every year Haunted happenings.

This is a Halloween festival. Since Salem is also known as "Witch town“Is known because a number of witches were hunted and cruelly executed there in 1692, the city serves as an ideal location for a Halloween festival.

You even have the opportunity in Salem Witch museum and to visit memorials of the terrible witch hunt.

Honor the dead in Mexico

Mexico celebrates Halloween in its own way with the "Día de los Muertos”The day of the Dead. This festival is one of the most important holidays of Mexicois even on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.

The Mexicans celebrate death at this festival and see it as part of life. It is believed that dead loved ones will return on October 31st. They would like to greet the Mexicans accordingly and prepare a warm welcome.

The festival begins on October 31st and ends on November 2nd and is celebrated in a very colorful and splendid way. Among other things, altars with delicious food and sweets are prepared for the “visitors”.

A typical symbol are skulls, whether as a disguise or as a marzipan shape for snacking. Some families also pay a visit to the cemetery.

Transylvania - The home of Dracula

Transylvania the home of Dracula is a favorite travel destination of many Europeans during the Halloween season. The creepy history and past of the famous vampire Count Dracula is not the only thing Transylvania has to offer.

Waiting for you there ghostly hotels, Halloween parties en masse as well as staying in a real gothic castle. The mysterious and unique landscape in Transylvania also matches the gruesome one Halloween mood.

Austria and the Striezelpaschens

It is said to be in Austria an old Halloween tradition is to leave water, a piece of bread and a lamp on the table to welcome deceased relatives. There are also some communities that follow the custom of “Striezelpaschens” on Halloween.

You roll for the in restaurants on October 31st All Saints' Day Striezel,a yeast plait pastry. The game is mainly about the community spirit and the winner can end the evening with several delicious Striezeln.

England cracks the nuts

In England Halloween is celebrated a little smaller and more private. Besides some Halloween parties and the costumed children who go about the houses, the English go a special one Halloween tradition to.

Couples put nuts in the fire to see if they burst. If this is the case and there is a loud bang, the lovers are promised a bright future and great love. Because of this ceremony, many English also refer to Halloween as the "Nut crack night”.

Japan and the Kawasaki Halloween Parade

The Japanese really celebrate Halloween traditions Not. However, in Kawasaki, outside of Tokyo, they do Kawasaki Halloween Parade. Costumed up to 4000 Halloween lover celebrate the festival here on October 31st.

However, there are strict rules and standards for the parade and if you want to take part you have to register two months in advance. For several years there has always been Halloween events in Tokyo but rather because of the commercial interests of Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios in Japan.

From July 13th to 16th there is a Halloween-like festival in Japan, namely the Buddhist Obon Festival. On this holiday, some people in Japan return to their hometowns and visit the graves of their ancestors. In addition, dances are danced, namely the bon dance or the bon odori. This dance of joy is meant to be Obon festival in Japan remembering the ancestors' deaths, similar to the Día de los Muertos in Mexico.

Russia - the Halloween grouch

In Russia the Ministry of Education advocatesHalloween traditions to banish and warn against it. People would popularize a death cult and this would supposedly affect the mental and moral health of children. The government wants to honor and celebrate Russian customs.

Other countries other manners

In many other countries around the world, the well-known Halloween traditions not really celebrated. Rather, there are many national customs during this period in which the locals commemorate the lives of the deceased, such as in the Czech Republic, Poland or Sweden.

For these countries it is considered inappropriate to celebrate on such days and instead offerings for the dead are prepared there or cemeteries shine in a sea of ​​candles.

After her this Halloween traditions the world, you're sure to get really excited for Halloween, right? At least I do! Celebrate Halloween in another country this year and experience the different customs there. Book yours Halloween trip best about mine Travel search portal.

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