What makes Cristiano Ronaldo so fit

Ronaldo is fit like a 20-year-old

The results of Cristiano Ronaldo's health check at his new club have been published.

Now it's official, so CR7 is really as fit as it looks. The Italian sports journalist Matteo Bonetti published the values ​​of Cristiano Ronaldo's medical check, which he completed as part of his move from Real Madrid to Juventus Turin. Conclusion: The 33-year-old has a body like a 20-year-old.

His body fat percentage is seven percent, instead of the eleven percent usual for professional footballers. The muscles of the five-time world footballer can not only impress visually. Instead of the average 46 percent, Ronaldo triumphs with a muscle mass of 50 percent.

Why is Ronaldo so fit?

  • Physical discipline. His workout is shrouded in legend, his villa a training center. He packs cardio training (running and rowing), weight training, 3000 sit-ups, one to two hours of swimming training, extensive stretching and more into one day - all in combination with his conventional training at the club. It is said that he also takes ice baths at 3 a.m. to speed up his regeneration.
  • CR7 keeps a diet. For Ronaldo there is no alcohol and hardly any sugary food, but all the more water, fish, fruit and vegetables. His dishes are high in protein and low in carbohydrates (if so, whole grains). Allegedly everything is checked down to the gram.
  • He sleeps in cycles. The Briton Nick Littlehales taught Ronaldo to sleep. The former mattress salesman has been known for several years as a sleeper in top sports. The core of his philosophy is called "R90 Sleep Recovery Program". According to Littlehales, you don't sleep eight hours, but in several stages of 90 minutes each. In addition, there is the right bed, the division into morning or evening types and calming rituals.