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On the way to a relaxed and successful handling of money | Banker and psychological consultant writes a humorous non-fiction book

Heidelberg, July 25, 2017

Everyone is part of a social and economic system that is built on money. Money rules the world and without a doubt it always has a psychosocial meaning in addition to the economic one. Money influences our lives, our feelings, our thoughts and actions in many ways. We are aware of some of this, but money has the greatest influence on our subconscious. The power that money has over us is great, and nevertheless, or precisely because of it, money is still a taboo subject, similar to sexuality and death. Just as one cannot non-communicate, no more can people have a purely objective relationship with money, because it is always emotionally charged. Money is a projection surface for our inner world. It stands for success, security, freedom and recognition, but also for dependency, isolation and fears, and arouses feelings such as pride and envy. Why does money have this effect on individuals and society as a whole? Does happiness really depend on money? Silvia Breier answers these and other questions in the Springer non-fiction book Money makes you feel.

“Our relationship with money is full of emotions. We desire it, we maintain a sensual relationship with it and hope that money will satisfy our most secret desires. Who rules whom here is, however, questionable, ”concludes Breier. The fulfillment of emotional needs through money is often not long-lasting - and rich people are not per se happier than poor. In this book, the expert explains what really matters and what the relationship to money should actually look like.

The psychologist knows how to combine depth and behavioral psychological as well as social and sociological aspects in the non-fiction book. In nine entertaining chapters, Silvia Breier reveals psychological behavior patterns using examples and makes easy-to-understand relationships between theory and everyday life. In the last chapter, the reader can use self-awareness exercises to analyze his own relationship to money. The way we feel about money, what we think of it and what feelings we associate with it, influence how we deal with it and decide whether we are financially successful or fail. Through the exercises, the reader arrives at a relaxed and successful handling of money and a contented life.

Silvia Breier is originally a banker and on the one hand brings her expertise in dealing with money to the book. As a psychological consultant, coach and mental trainer, she in turn knows its effect on people and realizes that her clients' problems often revolve around "dear money". It accompanies people on their way to greater satisfaction and joie de vivre - regardless of the amount of the account balance. “You can be happy even without money and the most beautiful things in life are free anyway, but not for free. People should give money the status it deserves. Nothing more and nothing less. ”Says Silvia Breier.

Silvia Breier
Money makes you feel
How money influences the way we think, feel and act
2017. 235 pp.
Softcover € 19.99 (D) | € 20.46 (A) | CHF 20.50
ISBN 978-3-662-54600-0

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