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Your favorite physicist looking for a flat share :)

Hello dear friends, who I have not yet met, my name is Elgi Orozi, 20 years old and in October I will start the third semester of my studies in physics at the University of Bonn. Because of the time pressure during the semester, I decided to look for an apartment in Bonn. Unfortunately, I have to leave the comfort of my aunt's apartment and concentrate completely on my studies and life.
For this reason I am currently looking for a nice flat share in Bonn, where I can bring my Mediterranean life experience with me. A short description of who I am and what I do is available here:
Even as a child I was open to new experiences and always wanted to try something new. Over the years I have understood better that I am really good with people, even though they can often show many different sides. For this reason, I also worked with the Red Cross, Y-Peer and other NGOs during high school. In my spare time I often read about the politics of the European Union, climate protection and the new developments in science that lead to the solution of the problems of our world, but I am particularly interested in topics relating to physics, astronomy and technology. I like to listen and when it comes to the point that you should be supported with advice and action, I'll be happy to do it. In addition, it is not guaranteed that they can always be helpful (xP). My studies are very important to me and it often happens that I spend my day in the library. But if I want to study comfortably at home, I look forward to quiet and classical music. On the other hand, I like to go out with friends on Friday evenings so I can relax and enjoy the week's results. I like to stay at home on Saturday and Sunday, but something small can also be done. In summer a grill or cold beer and in winter a nice chat in the kitchen with a cup of tea is a perfect description for the ideal weekend. Traveling, books, the guitar and my friends are the solution to the stressful days of university. That would be it, although only roughly described.

If you have an offer for me, or just want to get to know me better, write to me at my: Telephone number: +491772707122 E-mail address:
I look forward to you all! Thank you for the time you took!

Best regards, Elgi


I cook: n / A.
Smoke: n / A.
I am going to bring: n / A.


Sports: n / A.
Music: n / A.
Leisure: n / A.
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